LCS 2021: Ranking All the Starting LCS Top Laners

Photo by OSHIN VILLA TUDAYAN/Riot Games.
Photo by OSHIN VILLA TUDAYAN/Riot Games. /
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Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games.
Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games. /

3. Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami (Cloud9)

When looking at Fudge’s performance in 2020 as a member of Cloud9 Academy, I was immediately drawing comparisons to another player who was running rampant through the Academy league as a part of the C9 org. That player turned out to be Blaber and I might even think that the sky could be higher for Fudge.

To start, Fudge posted a 4.5 aKDA in 2020, averaging 4.4 kills per game to only 1.8 deaths per game. He’s a player who drives action, picking up 10 solo kills in 18 games during the Summer Split.

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He’s also proven to have a well-defined, but strong, champion pool. Although he only played 13 unique champions in all of 2020, on three of those picks he was rated as elite. Even more promising is the diversity in playstyle that those three core champions – Sett, Gangplank, and Ornn – displayed.

Fudge was a good laner (159.9 MAGXD @ 15), but that is somewhat inflated by the fact that he was facing Academy top laners. Ditto for his 423 gold per minute.

What was most impressive, though, was his damage output. Even accounting for his champion picks, with a 38.9 EDD, Fudge led all incoming LCS top laners.

Though he is definitely still going to have to prove that his level of play can translate from Academy to the LCS, Fudge is one of my big players to watch in 2020. By the end of the year, he could very well end up being #1 on this list.