LCS 2021: Ranking Every Single Starting Support in the LCS

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games.
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games. /
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Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games.
Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games. /

3. Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in (Team Liquid)

It’s once again the time where I shock absolutely everyone by stating that CoreJJ is not nearly as good as most people seem to believe. Yes, he’s extremely good, but the numbers prove that he’s not elite. The most recent MVP in Summer 2020, CoreJJ certainly did some great things.

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For instance, the numbers back up that he is a top-three laning support in the LCS. With a 149.9 MAGXD, CoreJJ was dominating LCS players. And it’s not as though he was playing with a dominant ADC in terms of laning, as Tactical was good, but not elite.

In addition, CoreJJ had the fewest deaths per game of supports last year (1.3), which resulted in him posting one of the best adjusted KDAs in the league at 3.65. This also allowed him to put up a 242 gold per minute that was, again, solidly among the top three.

But where CoreJJ really lacks, and this is something that keeps getting overlooked, is his limited champion pool and poor damage output. On the former, CoreJJ did play 14 unique champions last year, which is more than the average LCS support. However, he played almost half of his 60 games last year on three champions: Braum, Thresh, and Bard.

The other big problem is that CoreJJ’s damage output is pitiful, especially given his champion pool. With a -17.0 EDD, he has the third-worst damage output relative to expectations of the ten LCS supports. For someone who is lauded for his great engages and doesn’t have a habit of giving away deaths, there’s no reason he should be so pitiful when it comes to dealing damage.