Street Demons Mundo: Skin Release Date, Splash Art, Price

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Dr. Mundo is finally getting a new skin, after having to wait nearly 5 years! Street Demons Mundo is the newest set of fashion for the Madman of Zaun!

Street Demons Mundo – Release Date

The newest look for Dr. Mundo, along with the entire batch of the Street Demons line, is expected to release once Patch 13.18 releases on September 13.

Skins will always release the day after patch day to ensure a smooth patch release day, so Street Demons Dr. Mundo will be available for purchase on September 14.

Street Demons Mundo – Splash Art

street demons mundo
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Street Demons Mundo – Price

Just as all of the skins in the Street Demons line, the price of Dr. Mundo’s newest street-wear is 1350 RP.

Unlike last skin-line’s Immortal Journey, this set of Street Demons skins do not come with a Prestige version like Sona’s did. Still, players will be happy to see some love given to Dr. Mundo, after his last skin, Frozen Prince Mundo, was released nearly 5 years ago in December 2018.