EMENES retires following leave from Cloud9, cites military service

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games /

Cloud9’s previous Midlaner, EMENES retires after announcing he will be fulfilling his government mandated military service, or conscription, per the South Korean government. He plans to not return to professional play after completing his service.

EMENES Retires

With news long being out now of Cloud9 picking up arguably the hottest off-season commodity in jojopyun, it’s no surprise to see Jang “EMENES” Min-soo out of the running for a starting spot among one of North America’s best organizations.

The former Cloud9 Midlaner went on to a Korean forum, fmkorea, to explain some of his motives for leaving, his experiences as a pro-player, and what he plans to be doing in the future.

Many took to r/leagueoflegends to discuss EMENES’ forum post, dubbing it the infamous label of a “donezo manifesto,” a reference to former Counter Logic Player Austin “Link” Shin, who similarly aired out much of his feelings during his time as a pro-player.

After partaking in his conscription as a South Korean citizen, EMENES does not see himself returning as a professional League of Legends player, effectively announcing his retirement after his stint at Cloud9.

EMENES helped earn Cloud9 a domestic title, with Cloud9 beating out Golden Guardians 3-1, crowning C9 the Spring 2023 victors.

His entry into the team was controversial. EMENES was notoriously toxic in European solo queue, where he spent time under the academy team for Excel Esports, JD|XL. Clearly, he has reformed quite a bit under Cloud9, even going as far as to call owner of Cloud9, Jack Etienne, an angel in his previously mentioned “donezo manifesto.”