CLG’s Link quits League of Legends in 18 page essay

Counter Logic Gaming saw another player leave the game for good as Link announced his departure in a 18-page essay.

We’ve all been there. Your support starts stealing kills from the ADC. Top is feeding, and no one will group up after laning phase. Everyone needs to flame to get some much needed stress off their chest after a frustrating game. But have you ever written an 18-page essay describing all of the faults and failings of your team? Probably not.

The former mid-laner, Link, from Counter Logic Gaming quit league of legends last week announcing his official retirement from the game. It was a shocking move that sparked curiosity as to why someone who has been an integral part of CLG for three years now quit. So Link chronicled his career as a professional gamer in an 18-page essay that put a lot of blame on his teammates for his reasons for departing from the game.

One of the most notable flames from his novel was his blame of the ADC for CLG, Doublelift. He cited Doublelift as becoming too much of a burden to play with. He apparently never wanted to immerse himself as a true member of the team, something that Link placed heavy value on.

It’s never easy calling it quits, but throwing your team under the bus in the process isn’t the classiest approach at quitting the game for good. Link did try to soften the blow a bit on twitter with these tweets.

I guess if you’re going to place the blame on something other than yourself you might as well go all out with it. Link isn’t hiding behind anything either. He is flat out telling everyone how he feels and isn’t ignoring any questions on facebook.

Doublelift responded to the essay in a wordy response of his own. He doesn’t necessarily disagree with the comments by Link, but sees it more as an opportunity to become better at the game. You can read his whole response here.

CLG will most definitely get through all this drama. They have a great pool of players to build around. And with the Summer Split rapidly approaching, there is no reason why they can’t rebound without Link. Even the best mid-laners are replaceable. It just so happens that Link isn’t the best ever, but he was pretty darn good.