Patch 6.4: Buffs, Nerfs and Changes


Patch 6.4 is finally on the way, and it comes with a lot to break down.

The notes for patch 6.4 were released today and will go live tomorrow.

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Feel free to go read it all for yourself, but like every patch notes, it is a lot to take in. However, to make things easier on you, here is a simple breakdown of the main buffs, nerfs and changes.


-Ashe’s stacks on her Q will now fall off one at a time rather than all at once. To go with that, the duration of her Q is also increased by one second.

-Caitlyn’s E cooldown is lower, and her W headshot bonus is changed from a percentage bonus to a flat bonus.

-Illaoi is now immune to being displaced while in her cast animation.

-Jhin’s movement speed, health regen and regen per level are increased.

-Katarina’s Q damage no longer falls up, and the detonation ratio for it is up to .20 ability power from .15 ability power.

-Ryze’s Q damage is up at each level.

-Sivir’s W bounces will now crit if the primary attack crits,


-Ahri’s charm no longer stops dashes in their tracks.

-Ezreal’s ultimate cooldown is up from 80 seconds to 120 seconds.

-Fiora’s W cooldown is increased at all levels. Also, her E cooldown is reduced at all levels, but it now starts after her first attack finishes.

-Gankplank’s Q gold generation is decreased, and his maximum barrels has been set to only three at all levels (could have up to five before).

-Kog’Maw’s base attack speed is pushed down to .625 from .665.

-Lucian’s ultimate now has a range of 1200 instead of 1400

-Malphite’s health regen is pushed from 8.374 to 7.0, and his E damage is decreased at most levels.

-Tahm Kench’s Q width is decresed from 90 to 70, and his ultimate now has a brief delay before you can recast it – but it still takes the same amount of time to travel.

-Udyr’s W shield is down at most levels, and his on-hit damage from R is down at most levels.

-Viktor’s E now does less damage at most levels.

-Xin Zhao’s W AP ratio is down from .7 to .4, and the attack speed on it is lowered at most levels.


-Jhin will now be able have mini-crits on towers

-Rumble’s E works on an ammo system now

-Shen’s E now affects monsters


-Mercury’s Treads’ tenacity increased from 20 percent to 30 percent

-Manamune now has Tear of the Goddess’s stacking passive


-Boots of Swiftness have their movement speed pushed form 65 to 60

-Muramana is no longer a toggle. It will now always consume mana to deal damage, but only when fighting champions.

-Runich Echoes’ movement speed decreased from 10 percent to seven percent

-Sterak’s Gage’s health is down from 500 to 400.


-Iceborn Gauntlet’s size lowered, but now gets armor. The slow from it also no longer lingers.

-Sterak’s Gage’s build path changed from Jaurim’s Fist, Ruby Crystal and 1,100 gold to Jaurim’s Fist, Long Sword and 1,150 gold. Total cost is the same.

-Titanic Hydra and Ravenous Hydra can no longer be swapped for each other.


-Warlord’s Bloodlust now gives you lifesteal based on your missing health.

-Expose Weakness will be a new mastery added to Ferocity Tier 1. It makes it so that damaging enemy champions causes them to take three percent increased damage from your allies.

-In champion select, the champion grid will now be available to see at all phases of select – not just at the beginning anymore. Also, you will be able to change your pick intent at all phases.

-On Summoner’s Rift, the first wave of minions won’t be able to be constructed anymore.


-Blood Moon Kennen

-Blood Moon Yasuo