Patch 6.6: Best and worst at each position

Credit: Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games /

Patch 6.6 has been live long enough for us to see what is and isn’t working. These are the champions with the highest and lowest win rate at each position.

There were a lot of changes in patch 6.6 that changed the game instantly.

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We got buffs for champions that weren’t in a bad place to begin with, like Cho’Gath, Ekko and Karma. And on the other hand, champions that have had a lot of success lately – Alistar, Fiora, Janna, Kalista, Lulu, Nidalee, Quinn, Shyvana and Master Yi – all received nerfs that took them down a notch. This cycle evens out the field of power and allows new faces to rise to the top or fall to the bottom.

According to the statistics from, here are the champions with the highest and lowest win rate at each position in League of Legends.

Top lane: 

The highest win rate is Rammus at 54.82 percent, and that’s while being banned 18.6 percent of the time and played 4.33 percent of the time. Rammus has been really popular in the top lane for a few patches, and nothing has been done to change that. If anything, more and more people are starting to realize how strong he is and are finally busting him out. He’s one of the best tanks in the game right now as he brings so much to a team. This is currently the marksman era where it’s possible to have up to three on one team, and those are the types of games Rammus lives for.

The lowest win rate is Rumble at 41.21 percent, but that’s while only being played 0.74 percent of the time and banned 0.04 percent of the time. Similar to Rammus, Rumble has been in this position for a decent time now. It’s just the wrong end to be in. Rumble has fallen completely out of the meta purely because he doesn’t fit into it right now. Rumble doesn’t have any winning matchups in the current meta, and it doesn’t help that the state of ability power items is in an awful placed compared to everyone else in the game.


The highest win rate is Volibear at 54.4 percent, and that’s with a play rate of 4.37 percent and a ban rate of 1.41 percent. The bear has been creeping up the win rate ladder as of recently since people realized how strong he is in the jungle. Strength of the Ages has almost become a staple for junglers, and Volibear synergies with that extra health amazingly since he scales with his max health points. He becomes a freak of a tank that can deal a decent amount of damage while still being able to gank well for his lanes.

This isn’t surprising, but the jungler with the lowest win rate in the game is Aurelion Sol at 41.41 percent, and he still gets banned 13.76 percent of the time while only played 0.86 percent of the time. There isn’t much to be looked into from this. He is the newest champion that just came out, and it’s going to take some time for people to understand him. Jhin had horrendous win rates when he first came up, but now he is one of the strongest champions in the game. Give the dragon some time.

Middle lane:

Surprisingly, Malzahar has the highest win rate of any mid laner at 55.19 percent, and he is being played in 4.07 percent of games and banned in 0.61 percent of them. He has stayed quiet and slipped into a great place of the game for him. Malzahar is a safe mage who does massive amounts of damage and gets a lot of favorable matchups. The one huge downside to Malzahar is that a single item, Quicksilver Sash, can counter a huge part of this kit.

The lowest win rate for this role is Veigar at 45.1 percent, and he only gets played 1.61 percent of the time and rarely ever gets banned (0.05 percent of games). Veigar currently gets put into more losing situations than winning ones. He has been a mage that relies on deleting someone quickly, but the meta is allowing too many things to stop that (Maw of Malmortius, Sterak’s Gage and Mercurial Scimitar are all extremely popular right now and make Veigar’s life hard). It’s difficult to see things changing anytime soon.

Attack damage carry:

The best attack damage carry, statistically, is good old Kog’Maw. The creature has had an interesting couple of patches as he saw himself become insanely strong and then changed in the following patch. He fell to the very bottom of win rates last patch, but that was only because of a bug that massively lowered his on-hit damage. That bug got fixed, and people realized that this was still a really strong champion. His early-game took a hit, but he is still crazy once you hit the middle and end of games. It’s fun when Kog’Maw is strong.

The lowest win rate for any attack damage carry is Urgot at 43.9 percent, but he is only played in 0.17 percent of games and banned in 0.15 percent of them. He recently had some nice buffs to his ultimate ability, but that doesn’t help him as a marksman much. However, top lane Urgot is getting played a little bit more (0.32 percent of games) and has a 50.96 percent win rate. This could be a case of a champion simply playing in the wrong role. Urgot isn’t awful right now, but he’s at his worst when he is in the bottom lane.


Surprise, surprise: Soraka has the highest win rate for any support with 55.04 percent, and she’s being played in 10.2 percent of games and banned in 8.08 percent of them. She was strong before her recent changes, and now she might be considered overpowered. While her heals took a bit of a hit (since they were made to heal over time, not at once), she was buffed in so many other areas of the game: team fights, poking in lane and disengage just to name a few. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Riot hit her with some quick nerfs after turning her into a powerhouse.

The lowest win rate is Annie at 44.17 percent, and that’s while being played 1.68 percent of the time and banned 1.33 percent of the time. Similar to Urgot, this number shouldn’t be tied to Annie as she is stronger as a solo laner. While she is failing as a support, she is actually dominating the middle lane with a win rate of 51.87 percent and a play rate of 5.8 percent. Annie brings some things to the table, but as a support, there are simply so many better options than her.