Patch 6.6: Buffs, Nerfs and Changes

We’ve been on patch 6.5 for a week now, but now it’s time for another change: patch 6.6 will be live tomorrow.


The notes for patch 6.6 were released today, and the patch will go live tomorrow. Feel free to look over the notes yourself, but this is our condensed version of everything you need to know.


-Cho’Gath’s R will give him more health at every level.

-Ekko’s passive speed duration is up at its first three levels, and his E cooldown is reduced at the first four levels.

-Jayce’s Q costs less mana at the final four levels, his base damage is increased at all levels and his base ratio is increased from 1.0 bonus attack damage to 1.2 bonus attack damage.

-Karma’s E now grants a stronger shield at every level after the first, and its base ability power ratio is increased from 0.3 to 0.6.

-Kha’Zix’s Q cooldown is reduced from 3.5 seconds to three seconds, and his W cooldown is reduced from 10 seconds to nine seconds.

-Maokai’s base magic resist is increased from 30 to 32, now has magic resist scaling (1.25) and his E has a higher duration at all levels.

-Orianna’s Q costs less mana at all ranks.


-Alistar’s E now only heals allies for 33 percent rather than 50 percent.

-Azir’s soldiers no longer apply Fervor of Battle.

-Fiora’s passive deals two percent of the target’s maximum health (instead of three percent) and scales higher early (4.5 percent per 100 bonus attack damage). Her E’s slow is lower at all ranks and range has been cut from 50 to 25.

-Janna’s E now gives less attack damage at all levels, and her R has a disable duration of 0.5 seconds instead of 0.75 seconds.

-Kalista has less attack speed unless she is near her Oathsworn teammate. Her W’s damage is down at all levels and the sentinels now only do three laps instead of seven. Her R’s cast range is cut from 1400 to 1100.

-Lulu’s W ability power ratio is decreased from 10 percent per 100 ability power to five percent per 100 ability power, and the movement speed duration is decreased at all levels.

-Nidalee can no longer root monsters from hunting them, W’s base damage is increased at all levels but no longer resets her basic attack

-Quinn’s Q duration is decresed from two seconds to 1.5 seconds, and its cooldown is increased at the final four levels.

-Shyvana’s Q attack damage scaling is reduced at the first four levels.


-Lux’s W now gives more benefit if you’ve been double-hit, but gives less of a shield on single hits. Her W’s missile is now slower on the way out, but faster coming back.

-Master Yi’s E now has a higher base damage at all levels, but its attack damage ratio has been changed to 0.25 bonus attack damage at all levels.


-Runic Echoes’ base damage is reduced from 80 to 60.

-Titanic Hydra’s attack damage is decreased from 50 to 35.

-Zz’Rot Portal’s armor and magic resists are reduced from 60 to 55. Its portals now give 50 gold to enemies instead of 25, and its health has been changed to ward health.


-Tiamat’s recipe is changed, attack damaged lowered from 30 to 20 and now has a passive again (cleaves nearby enemies for 20-60 percent total attack damage – based on distance – on basic attack).

-Ravenous Hydra’s build path is changed.


-Aurelion Sol will be released this patch.