League of Draven: April Fools Day 2016


April Fools Day is always an exciting time of the year for League of Legends, and this year they have given us League of Draven.

Until April 11, League of Legends will be in League of Draven mode for some April Fools Day festivities.

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There are a lot of things that go into the League of Draven, so make sure you are caught up with everything.

First, until Sunday, games in blind pick normals, ARAM and Twisted Treeline will be in Draven mode: Draven will be replacing every champions head with his very own (minions will have his head, too).

Everything else will go on until April 11, and they all involve your wallet. First, there are new summoner icons that will be available to purchase with Riot Points (RP). Next, if you buy or are gifted a legendary or ultimate skin, you will get a free mystery skin to go along with with it (and yes, if that skin is legendary or ultimate the cycle will repeat). Speaking of mystery skins, the chance you have at getting a legendary skin will be doubled while League of Draven is going on. Finally, a small loan of 3,618 RP will buy you the “Definitely not a bundle bundle” that consists of: Definitely Not Udyr, Order of the Banana Soraka, Urf the Nami-tee, Surprise Party Amumu and Archduke Nasus.

This is cool and all, but the vast majority of the League community is extremely let down by all of this. The past two years have brought us URF, and that’s really the only thing people want this time of year. Not getting URF may have been acceptable if Riot gave us some other fun game mode, but they didn’t do that either. Instead, they have given us a lot of Draven and ways to give them money. Uh, alright?

All we have to look forward to now is the Rotating Game Mode queue that will be coming shortly. Hopefully URF is one of the first game modes given to us for the queue.