Rotating Game Mode schedule released: URF on 4/22


The new Rotating Game Mode queue is something the community has been waiting for, and the time has finally come for it to be released.

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We first heard about the Rotating Game Mode queue about a month ago when Riot announced that Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode wouldn’t be returning for this year’s April Fools Day (and we all know how that turned out).

Riot gave us an update on the queue a week ago, but the time for updates is over: the Rotating Game Mode queue is here. Late last night, Riot L4T3NCY – the game’s Lead Designer of featured game modes – announced on the Oceania servers that the new game mode is live.

Everyone has been desperately wanting URF (seriously, some people would probably give up a close friend to have that damn game mode), but Riot has decided to show us that good things are worth waiting for and URF won’t return until the end of the month.

Instead, the opening game mode for the new queue will be Ascension – and it will run from April 8-10. The following weekend will be Legend of the Poro King from April 15-17. URF finally makes its return on the weekend of April 22-24. Finally, the last game mode of the month will be Hexakill which will run from April 29 – May 1.

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In the article, L4T3NCY mentions that the queue is only available during certain hours (11:00 AM – 3:00 AM), but there’s hope that not everyone will have to deal with those restrictions. L4T3NCY responded to the concern on Reddit and said, “The exact ON/OFF timings might be slightly different in some regions, depending on their queue health. The goal is still Fri, Sat, Sun night as a start.” That’s promising to hear because the populated regions should be able to keep the queue available at all times (that it is available, of course).

L4T3NCY also mentioned that Riot will be looking to do different things with the queue over the next few months. They are considering keeping it up longer if the queue is popular enough, and they might do something with what game modes are available depending on the feedback they receive.

Make sure to check back to this article if you have any confusion about the Rotating Game Mode queue.

Riot will also have the rules for each game mode up on their website every Friday in case you need a reminder on how to play.

Besides URF, what game mode are you most looking forward to? What mode are you not excited for at all? Let us know below!

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