Want to Play League for a Living? Playtester Opening on Riot Jobs!


New Post on Riot Jobs Calls For High Level Players to Test Game Balance

Playing League of Legends all day for money sounds like a pretty sweet deal for dedicated summoners on The Rift. Unfortunately, short of joining an LCS team, opportunities like that can be hard to come by. However, a few talented League players may be able to make this dream in a reality in the near future thanks to a new job opening at Riot.

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A post on the Riot Jobs page is looking for “Quality Analysts” to join the Playtest team. According to the listing, expected duties revolve around playing games of League of Legends and providing feedback about bugs and balance changes. That’s right, to perform this real, for-money job, you will have to play a lot of League and then talk about it. Riot is apparently pretty serious about filling this position and looking at a broad applicant pool, since they sent current QA Analyst RiotAfic to get out the word on Reddit.

I know what you’re thinking: a job playing and talking about League!? What’s the catch? Well, for one, the job is only open to players at Diamond Rank or above. Afic stands pretty firm on this point on Reddit, emphasizing that to be considered an applicant would need an account currently demonstrating a high level of dedication and understanding of the game. (He also sneaks in this insightful jab at his colleagues: “A lot of designers actually range from silver to platinum, so we already have a pretty good representation of that range.”) The position also requires players who can think analytically about the game and effectively communicate their thoughts to designers. In lieu of a traditional cover letter, the Playtest Team is requesting analysis and suggested changes to a champion that the applicant finds frustrating to play against.

The job is also a serious, full-time occupational deal: 40 hours a week, at Riot’s LA Campus. But before you start packing up bags to relocate, you’ll have to make it through the company’s extensive screening process. According to Reddit user “wronglyzorro,” anyone who makes it into the interview stage can expect a fairly grueling selection process.  Current Analyst RiotAmes responds to back this up, stating that promising applicants can expect “2-3 phone screens, then an onsite, which is another 5-7 interviews in a single day.”

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If all of this sounds doable to you, and you meet the requirements, you’ll want to get your application in ASAP! The post has been up for a full day now, and competition is sure to be fierce. One competitor we already know you’ll be up against: former TSM support Gleeb, who announced his application submission in Afic’s Reddit thread. Just think, if you get the job and he doesn’t, you’ll be able to say that you beat a former LCS player for a position playing League!

Will you be applying for this Riot job? Let us know in the comments!