Mid-season update: QSS takes a nasty hit


The mid-season update will be so big that some things probably could have been left untouched, and this change to the QSS definitely didn’t need to happen.

Some changes are just too hard to believe.

Yesterday was an insane day as far as game changes are concerned, and because of that, a lot of things went overlooked since there was so much material to go over. Everyone was eager to hear about the mage update and the new dragon system, but Riot actually announced a gargantuan amount of gameplay updates as part of the mid-season update.

One of the more important game changes from yesterday is the nerf to the Quicksilver Sash (QSS) – and nerf is probably too light of a word to describe the change.

As Riot Repertoir, the game’s Champion Update Designer, announced on the League of Legends boards yesterday, QSS will be changed so that it only removes crowd control effects instead of all negative debuffs.

This means that QSS will no longer work for things like Zed’s Death Mark, Fiora’s Grand Challenge or Trundle’s Subjugate.

This is game-changing.

For squishy carries, getting a QSS was the only true counter against a strong Zed. With the change of the item, Zed will now be able to jump on any target while have an excellent shot at executing them.

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Repertoir tried to justify the decision by saying, “The reasoning for the change is pretty much that the cleanse offered by these items was able to functionally negate certain champions’ ability to fight the owner of the item.”

Well, isn’t that the point? That’s how great game balance is created.

Someone asked Repertoir how they should deal with a fed Zed now and he responded with, “GA, BT, Sterak’s or team peel should all be somewhat effective against these.”


Literally speechless to that response. What the actual hell?

Zed is obviously going to draw the most attention from this change, but Trundle shouldn’t be overlooked either. The troll is incredibly strong in the current meta, and QSS has been the only real counter against him. Being able to play Trundle without the threat of having your ultimate QSS’d is going to be amazing (for whoever is playing it, RIP opposing team).

It’s hard to see this QSS change staying exactly the way it is, because it could prove to be too harmful for the health of the game. But until then, Zed’s and Trundle’s everywhere are going to wreck havoc.

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