2016 EU LCS Summer Split Week 1 Power Rankings

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6.) Vitality

Vitality has looked to make a few moves to try and improve on their rookie EU LCS finish.

The team brought in Min-soo “Mightybear” Kim – formerly of Positive Energy in China – for their jungle position.  The other roster change came at the attack damage carry position, and the team brought in Hyeong-gi “Police” Park – former North America player for Apex.

Lots of talent remains on this Vitality roster, but it will need to gel in a similar way that their Spring Split team did to have a shot at reaching the top of the standings.

The acquisition of Police was questionable, and Vitality could struggle to make the playoffs if the bot lane does not perform at a similar level from the last split.  Mightybear could be an upgrade but I have a hard time seeing the bot lane change as an uprgrade.  Vitality will need some very big performances from Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet if they want to replicate their spring performance.


Despite playing in relegations after the last split, ROCCAT looked like one of the better teams in the early-game all season long and could improve greatly if they clean up the other areas of their game.  

That early game success was mainly led by Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia and Felix “Betsy” Edling, and ROCCAT has tried to build a great team around those two with some roster moves.  

The biggest acquisition for ROCCAT was Pierre “Steelback” Medjaldi who is coming off of his best split ever.  He will be joined in the bottom lane by former Korean Challenger player Ji-hwan “Raise” Oh and his Stardust teammate Sang-won “Parang” Lee in the top lane.  

Roccat looks to have a very talented roster that could challenge top teams if they are able to work well together and overcome the language barrier.

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