Riot puts an end to tank Yasuo with fantastic nerfs


Tank Yasuo should be no more once these nerfs go live.

There’s no issue with tanks in League of Legends. In fact, tanks are a necessity to the game. Sure, some can be a bit mindless and boring to play, but they have a sound purpose on the Rift.

However, there is an issue with major damage dealers that are able to build mainly tank while still dishing out large amounts of damage.

Unfortunately, the game has had to deal with this a lot lately. A few months ago, junglers like Master Yi and Graves were able to kill an entire team while seeming invincible, and now that issue has migrated to the top lane.

Ekko is the one who really started this disgusting trend, followed by Fizz and now here we are with Yasuo.

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According to, Yasuo’s highest win rate build consists of Trinity Force, Mercury’s Treads, Frozen Mallet, Guardian Angel, Sunfire Cape and Sterak’s Gage.

That is not healthy for the game. Not at all.

Riot has had one hell of a time dealing with tank Ekko, but it looks like things were much easier with Yasuo.

Yasuo changes went out on the PBE yesterday that should put an end to players abusing him by building tanky.

The secondary effect of his ultimate (attacks gain 50 percent bonus armor pen for 15 seconds) has been changed so that only his critical strikes get that effect — not all basic attacks.

This is one of the best fixes Riot has ever done since it should kill tank Yasuo while keeping the normal damage Yasuo safe and sound. You’re going to get max crit if you’re playing Yasuo, so that means that the ultimate change won’t hurt his normal build at all.

Everyone should be stoked about this change hitting live.

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