ARURF: 20 best URF champions to get in All Random URF

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Morgana is a pain to play against in any facet of League, but especially in URF.

Her ultimate is good, but she’s strong from just her three basic abilities.

Dark Binding is a terror to play against normally, and that’s with a long cooldown. In URF, Morgana is able to spam Qs like there’s no tomorrow. If Morgana players guess right, they can essentially keep you stunned until death by hitting a bind right after another.

Tormented Soil isn’t something to normally worry about, but things change in URF. Morgana can put her W out so often that the entire Rift may as well turn into Tormented Soil. On top of that, the damage is nothing to laugh at. You’re normally used to seeing a support Morgana who doesn’t pack too much power, but you’ll quickly find out how different things are in URF.

Oh, and her E (Black Shield) has to be taken into consideration. If you’re someone like Ahri or Blitzcrank who can usually catch someone to their death in any instance, Morgana counters that completely as she can always have a shield protecting her. As long as she is smart, Morgana will never fall victim to any deathly skill shots.


Think about what type of environment Rengar thrives in. It’s a hectic one. The more chaos going on, the better. Well, that is the exact environment of URF.

URF isn’t filled with strategic maneuvers to win the game. You’ll rarely ever find people actually grouping up. Another thing to consider is the fact that people rarely ever go tank in URF. It’s all about damage in this game mode, so that means that everyone is a squishy target. This is the world that Rengar wants to live in.

Rengar isn’t much to worry about until he gets his ultimate, but you better be on your toes once he hits six.

Once Trill of the Hunt becomes available, Rengar will be able to constantly become invisible and hunt people down. If he is able to get even slightly ahead, he will snowball things out of control very quickly.

Getting one-shot by Rengar once or twice in a game sucks, but try having it happen 10 times. It’s awful.