Breaking down all minion types in League

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When it comes to League of Legends, minions play an important part of the game as it’s important to know just how crucial they are to overall success.

Whether you’re first getting into League of Legends or are a savvy veteran of the game, there is no questioning the importance of minions. Once a match begins, a steady flow of minions will hit each lane in the game at a rate of every 30 seconds.

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Each wave has six minions in total. Three are melee and the other three are casters with a siege minion that will also spawn over time. Your champion must get the final kill when fighting minions as you will get gold.

The more gold a champion has means more upgraded items and potions coming your way. It’s imperative to land the final blow since farming minions are crucial to the overall success of your team.

Considering minions will attack any enemy champion upon sight or opposing minions mean patience is key. Time your final attacks and don’t be afraid to use your champion’s abilities to get minion kills. You’d be surprised how all that gold from minions adds up in the grand scheme of things.

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Summoners should also know that if you attack an enemy champion while opposing minions are around, they will automatically attack you. Don’t let their small sizes fool you, their damage adds up if you’re being attacked by a group of them.

If an enemy team destroys your inhibitor, their base will spawn super minions which have much more health, do more damage, and really are a nuisance when it comes to trying to lead your team to victory. Overall, make sure to prioritize yourself when in matches and take down as many minions as possible.