Who are the starting champions in LoL?

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If you’re new to League of Legends, here are the starting champions you can use up until Level 6.

For new Summoners that are just getting into League of Legends, it could be a whole lot to absorb at first. Besides getting used to what the game is all about, which champion you decide to master makes all the difference in what you get out of LoL.

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Here is the list of champions you’ll have in your arsenal until you hit Level 6: AsheGarenJinxKha’zixLissandraLuxRyzeShyvanaVarus, and Wukong. Before you start playing against other human champions, it’s best to do some practice matches against the computer.

It’s important to remember that you might want to do three practice matches with each starting champion to get a feel for their abilities. What’s great about the free champions LoL gives Summoners is they pretty much hit all different types of playstyles.

Whether you want to be a ranged champion or melee, you have the options to do so. For those Summoners that don’t want to be in the spotlight, they also have a few support characters to help your fellow teammates out.

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Once you play several matches against the computer with your favorite champion, it’s best to start out in 3v3 matches in the Twisted Treeline. The goal is to play a fast-paced game mode to get as much practice and experience in with your favorite starting champion as possible. Master each move during any given situation and once you’re comfortable with it, stick with that champion as you level up to unlock more.

It’s best to do about 10 or so 3v3 matches before jumping into the premier 5v5 Summoner’s Rift where it’s a whole different ballgame. Practice makes perfect and many Summoners tend to use their original starting champion even later on in tournaments and in ranked matches.