The ultimate battle of Vi vs Jinx

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It’s good vs evil. Someone who believes in justice against someone who wants to watch the world burn. In the ultimate battle between Vi against Jinx, who wins this League of Legends matchup?

Whether you love the champion lore of either Vi or Jinx, it’s easy to see why they don’t both like each other. It’s to the point where Summoners that enter the Fields of Justice using either champion know that both can put on quite the show in League of Legends. Question is, who would ultimately win?

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In the video segment below, several developers of League weigh in their thoughts on who would ultimately win and why. Take a look below for their final predictions:

It’s no secret that if you go based on the champion lore, this could really go either way. Personally, Jinx is a bit on the psycho side and would devise a master plan to take out Vi once and for all. Considering that she looks like she could very well be a female version of the Joker, it’s not surprising that she would ultimately get the upper hand on Vi.

Jinx’s deadly arsenal of weapons, rockets, grenades would bring Vi’s demise faster than a New York minute. Despite Vi’s ability to take out enemies up close, it won’t be enough to handle everything Jinx would bring to the table.

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As the saying goes, crazy will always beat big. Just like in this case, Jinx at least, in my opinion, doesn’t have all her marbles aligned upstairs if you get the drift. Vi is noble and all about honor but she probably won’t even get anywhere near Jinx to make much of a difference before her Super Mega Death Rocket blows her to another map.

Overall, Jinx would win in the grand scheme of things. Who do you think would win this battle and why? Please leave your comments below!