Full Patch 6.24 League update to kickoff 2017 season

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League of Legends dropped their Patch 6.24 update and in addition to a plethora of champion changes, kicks off the upcoming 2017 season in glorious fashion.

The latest update for League of Legends contains so many fantastic updates to champions, it’s going to usher in the new season well. From nerfing tanking champions to properly buffing certain abilities, it’s going to be great to see how Summoners adapt to all the great changes.

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Below is the full transcript directly from League featuring all changes, the reasoning behind them, and so much more. Please follow Blog Of Legends on Facebook and Twitter as all week long, we will be breaking down the changes with insight from our Contributor team, stay tuned and please bookmark us!

Season’s Greetings, Summoners,

Welcome to patch 6.24, the last one of 2016. Another patch, another round of pre-season follow-up. This one’s a bit bigger than 6.23 – an extra patch’s worth of data gives us a clearer picture of how shifts like the assassin updates and jungle camp changes are settling in for the long term. Plus, Camille’s hookshotting her way onto the Rift!

On the client update front, open beta’s progressing well. Performance and stability have been our top priorities since open beta launched, so if you’ve been waiting to switch over, now’s a great time to hop on in. As a side bonus, downloading the updated client now saves time over the coming months: starting now, patches will contain big chunks of the overall download to reduce the final patch size when it comes time to deprecate the legacy client. We’ve got another client ‘pre-patch’ some time between 6.24 and 7.1, so keep an eye out for that.

Finally, we’re about to ring in the 2017 season (yes, it’s earlier this time). This patch will bring the ladder reset marking the start of official ranked, so hopefully you’ve been training during pre-season. No pressure or anything.

From all of us at Riot Games: good luck, have fun, and we’ll see you on the Rift. Speaking of, the weather’s looking a bit gray.


Camille, the Steel Shadow, will be released later on during patch 6.24!


Passive – Twin Disciplines

– NINJA PUSHING: Can now be used against structures


Passive – Shurima’s Legacy




W – Drain

– DAMAGE PER TICK: 80/105/130/155/180

– BUFF-FIX: Fixed a bug that caused Drain to not apply its final tick of damage

E – Dark Wind

– COOLDOWN: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds


R – Chum the Waters

– CAUTION TAPE: Whiffed fishes now display their attachment radius to enemies

– ENTHUSIASM: Whiffed fishes now visually hop onto enemies they attach to, rather than instantly teleporting onto them

– IT’S DEAD, JIM: Fishes that can’t attach to enemies (dropped after hitting a spell shield or when the original target dies) don’t display the attachment ring and instead flop over onto their bellies

– Fixed a bug where W – Seastone Trident’s cooldown wasn’t refunded if it killed an enemy champion with a post-death form (ex. Karthus, Sion)


E – Judgment

ARMOR SHRED: Enemy champions hit 4 times have their armor reduced by 25% for 6 seconds (hits after the 4th refresh the duration)


E – Triggerseed

– COST: 70 mana

– MOVEMENT SPEED SLOW: 40/45/50/55/60%


Passive – Voracity

– WTF NUMBERS: Daggers deal slightly more damage at all levels, scaling faster early but more slowly later (damage at levels 1 and 18 are roughly unchanged). The damage difference peaks at level 10 (+10 damage)

– DAGGER DAMAGE (LEVELS 1 – 6): 75/80/87/94/102/111

– DAGGER DAMAGE (LEVELS 7 – 12): 120/131/143/155/168/183

– DAGGER DAMAGE (LEVELS 13 – 18): 198/214/231/248/267/287

– Katarina’s R – Death Lotus icon no longer lights up while dead when enemies walk near her corpse

– If Katarina catches a W – Preparation dagger at the end of E – Shunpo’s cast time, the Preparation dagger’s damage no longer follows her to Shunpo’s location

– If Katarina E – Shunpo’s to an ally or a dagger, Shunpo’s damage now properly transfers to the nearest minion or jungle monster if no enemy champions are in range


W – Bio-Arcane Barrage

– ON-HIT DAMAGE: 3/4/5/6/7% maximum health

E – Void Ooze

– DAMAGE: 60/105/150/195/240

– RATIO: 0.5 ability power


Base Stats



Q – Shatter Orb

– DAMAGE: 55/90/125/160/195


– TOOLTIP FIX: Shatter Orb’s tooltip now reflects the correct bounce damage against minions

– BUGFIX: Shatter Orb bounces no longer count as single-target spells for Spell Vamp

Master Yi

Passive – Double Strike

– STOP HITTING YOURSELF: Fixed a bug where Guinsoo’s Rageblade dealt damage to Master Yi on Double Strike’s second hit

Q – Alpha Strike

– CAN’T ESCAPEAlpha Strike now determines Master Yi’s ending position when damage is dealt, rather than 0.05 seconds beforehand. In other words, Master Yi more reliably ends up next to his target if the target Flashes at the end of Alpha Strike. (Alpha Strike duration unchanged)

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Base Stats



Base Stats


Bonetooth Necklace

– FLAT BONUS: 1/3/7/13/20 attack damage

– PERCENT BONUS: +1/3/7/13/20% bonus attack damage

– BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Bonetooth Necklace was granting % total attack damage instead of % bonus attack damage


Passive – Backstab

– BETTER CRIT’ING: If the attack that procs Backstab would critically strike normally, it now deals normal crit damage rather than Backstab’s reduced crit damage

– THUNDERSTAB: Fixed a bug where Backstab wasn’t stacking Thunderlord’s Decree


Passive – Fury of the Dragonborn

– HOWLING ABYSS: Shyvana gains 5 armor and magic resist for each turret her team destroys

– TWISTED TREELINE: Shyvana deals 10% increased damage against Vilemaw and gains 5 armor and magic resist for each Vilemaw kill her team earns


Passive – Deadly Venom


W – Venom Cask

– COST: 70 mana


Passive – Living Vengeance

– BONUS ATTACK SPEED RATIO: +50% bonus attack speed on champion kill/assist (halved for minion/monster kills)

– DURATION: 5 seconds in both cases


Q – Tumble

– BONUS DAMAGE: 0.3/0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5 total attack damage

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

– BUILD PATH: Blasting Wand + Amplifying Tome + Ruby Crystal + 915 gold

– TOTAL COST: 2600 gold

– HEALTH: 300


– SLOW: 20% for 1 second in all cases

Haunting Guise

– BUILD PATH: Amplifying Tome + Ruby Crystal + 665 gold

– TOTAL COST: 1500 gold

Liandry’s Torment

TOTAL COST: 3100 gold

Living Jungle

– PLANTS AREN’T PEOPLE: Champion passives which proc on basic attack (ex. Caitlyn’s Passive – Headhunter, Nocturne’s Passive – Umbra Blades) are no longer consumed when attacking a plant (similar to attacking turrets or wards)

– DRAAAAAVEN: Draven’s Q – Spinning Axe no longer bounces off plants. Instead, the duration is refreshed (similar to attacking turrets)

– NOT LIKE THIS: Poppy’s Passive – Iron Ambassador now bounces back to her when attacking a plant (similar to killing a unit)

Red Buffs

– DURATION: 120 seconds on all buffs

– REMOVED ON-HIT TICK: Basic attacks no longer deal a tick of Red Buff’s damage on-hit (but still apply and refresh the effect)

Blue Buffs

– DURATION: 120 seconds on all buffs

– REMOVED ABILITY POWER: No longer grants +15% ability power

Red Brambleback



EXPERIENCE: Ancient Krug now grants 62.5 experience on first kill

Courage of the Colossus

– COOLDOWN: 45 – 30 seconds (at levels 1-18)

– SHIELD PER NEARBY ENEMY: 5% (25% maximum)

Fervor of Battle

– STACK DURATION: 6 seconds


– ATTACK DAMAGE PER STACK: 1-8 (at levels 1-18)


Spectator Mode

– DRAKE BUFF SPECTATING: Each team’s Elemental drake buffs are now tracked in spectator mode

– PORO KING SPECTATING: For Poro King matches, charges toward summoning the Poro King are now tracked in spectator mode

– NEXUS SIEGE SPECTATING: For Nexus Siege matches, structure takedowns (offense) and charges toward the Obliterator (defense) are now tracked in spectator mode

League Client Update

– ROTATING GAME MODES: Rotating game modes are now available in the updated client starting with Legend of the Poro King. (Known issue: custom games do not yet support rotating game modes.)

– SPECTATE FRIENDS: Players can once again spectate their friends’ games by right clickin them on the friends list and choosing “Spectate Game”. (This feature will be enabled sometime during 6.24)

– GAME SETTINGS IN CLIENT: Players can now change their keybindings from the updated client without having to go into a game.

– TOASTERS ON: Added a “Low-spec mode” switch in settings that lets players turn off certain animations and effects if they’re suffering from performance issues. Right now this mostly affects some minor aspects of the champ select experience, but we’ll expand Low-spec mode to cover more features in upcoming patches.

– GIFTING NOTIFICATIONS: Players will now see a notification when they receive a gift.

Patch 6.24 Bug Fixes

  • We’ve patched up our audio and UI components to make the entire client run faster
  • We made champ select run more smoothly and fixed some issues affecting the champ grid UI
  • We’ve added audio and visual changes to champ select to make key decision moments more noticeable
  • We’ve improved responsiveness and stability for important transition moments like the jump from the play button to the lobby, the ready check pop-up, and the champ select load-in experience
  • Some nasty launch problems were being caused by the new desktop icon not pointing to the right place. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an error that occasionally prevented players from selecting their rune pages in champ select
  • We’ve fixed various issues that were preventing players from accepting ready checks and locking in champions
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented a player from seeing the ban animation and VO for another player
  • Malzahar’s Voidlings now properly take damage from several damage types that weren’t working properly
  • Heimerdinger’s W – Hextech Micro-Rockets beyond the first now deal reduced damage to the Poro King (he’s now treated as a monster, rather than a minion)
  • The fourth hit of Kled’s W – Violent Tendencies now properly procs on-hit effects even when the bonus damage kills a unit
  • Launching yourself or an ally into the air via Blast Cone no longer counts as an enemy displacement effect for the purposes of an active enemy Yasuo’s R – Last Breath airborne check. In other words, you’ll pass through Last Breath rather than getting stuck in it.
  • Re-fixed a bug preventing Xerath’s R – Rite of the Arcane from damaging Baron Nashor if cast from too far away
  • When Brand’s E – Conflagration spreads to nearby enemies after hitting an ablaze target, the spread damage no longer counts as a single-target spell
  • Cleanse’s tooltip now indicates it doesn’t remove suppression effects
  • Repositioned Elementalist Lux’s animated splash in Champion Select on the updated client
  • Elementalist Lux’s Origin loading screen border is no longer obfuscated by ranked borders
  • Implemented colorblind improvements for Elementalist Lux’s Fire and Magma form W – Prismatic Barrier shields
  • Fixed a few bugs with Elementalist Lux’s transformation menu
  • Fixed a gap in Elementalist Lux’s Fire form flame collar VFX
  • Properly synchronized the Elementalist ward skin’s despawn audio with its visuals
  • Snow Day Bard’s singing (?) VO during his dance animation is no longer delayed
  • Properly synchronized Pool Party Ziggs’s audio during his idle animation when he shakes his water balloon and smacks it against his head
  • Jhin’s W – Deadly Flourish no longer plays Jayce’s Q – Shock Blast audio on cast if both champions are in the same game
  • Fixed a bug causing turrets to perpetually spam target acquisition audio and visual effects when they were unable to attack a target in range (ex. disabled by Ohmwrecker; the target becomes invulnerable with no other nearby targets)
  • Restored missing audio during Shadowfire Kindred’s run cycle when Lamb throws her bow in the air
  • Pool Party Graves’s W – Smoke Screen now properly plays its sprinkler sound effects for enemies
  • Fixed a spectator mode bug preventing Order of the Lotus Karma’s Mantra Q – Soulflare explosion circle indicator from displaying