How to effectively be the bottom lane Marksman in League

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Here are some tips including which champions are best to use in effectively being the bottom lane Marksman in League of Legends.

Being the marksman for your team in League of Legends is incredibly fun.  You generally become the team’s major damage carry in the late game, while sometimes providing strong utility.  That said, performing well in the early game laning phase is extremely important. The better you do in that phase, the better off you will be in the late game.

The bottom lane marksman is one-half of the duo in the bottom lane.  Also known as the attack damage carry (ADC), marksmen use mostly auto attacks to do damage. The five most popular, as per, include Twitch, Caitlyn, Varus, Jinx, and Miss Fortune.

The marksman’s main job during the laning phase is to last hit creeps to improve your creep score or CS.  Basically, unless the team needs you for a fight, you should be focusing on building CS.  The support will assist you in this, as well as help out in other things.  You will have to maneuver against the opposing duo to get your CS, avoid being harassed or killed, and potentially kill opponents if the opportunity arises.  Basically, stay in lane until either the first tower in lane is destroyed or the team decides to group up for team fighting and pushing.

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Once the grouping phase begins, join the main group and help to push down towers or fight in team fights. Generally, marksmen are too fragile to effectively solo kill others unless they have a massive lead in game or have strong abilities to allow for it.

In team fights, you should focus on trying to skirt around the melee, auto attacking and using your abilities to push damage onto your opponents to help bring them down.  Positioning is incredibly important here. Marksmen cannot survive being focused down. You should avoid being in a position that will allow the opposing team to do so.

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League is extremely complex, but mastering these skills here will help a long way to become a strong Summoner in the grand scheme of things.  Do these things, and you’ll be on your way to all of the wins!