Breaking down the impressive Warwick rework in League

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Warwick is one of the many champions that has been around since the beginning of League of Legends.  As cool as his concept is, he has not stood the test of time.  Riot’s rework of Warwick has been long anticipated.

Previously, Warwick had a fairly simple ability set geared toward jungling in League of Legends.  Most of his damage had come via his auto attacks and he had great sustain due to his passive.  Now, his skill set is much more dynamic while keeping the core of his old concept.  He has great sustain during jungle clears and in team fights, incredible chasing power, and a strong ultimate that can be used to initiate a gank or fight.

Warwick’s updated passive is Eternal Thirst.  This ability gives Warwick’s basic attacks bonus magic damage on hit.  Additionally, if Warwick is below half health he will heal for an amount equal to the bonus magic damage on hit.  This update gives him increased damage on attack and the sustain boost to keep him alive without becoming too oppressive.

Warwick’s new Q ability is Jaws of the Beast.  This replacement for Hungering Strike now causes Warwick to lunge forward and bite his target, healing for some of the damage dealt.  Additionally, holding down on the key locks Warwick onto the target, causing him to leap behind said target.  This ability adds a bunch of flexibility to Warwick as he now has an additional way to dash to an opponent.  Warwick sorely lacked this previously as had no real gap closer until level six.

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Warwick’s new W ability is Blood Hunt.  Passively, enemy champions with less than half health leave behind a global scent trail leading to them and are considered Blood Hunted.  Warwick has increased attack speed and out of combat movement toward the Blood Hunted enemy.

Additionally, this bonus is tripled against targets with very low health.  When activated, Blood Hunt briefly reveals scent trails to targets in a large area, even if they are above half health, and then the nearest target becomes Blood Hunted. Much improved to his old Blood Scent ability this ability allows Warwick to hone in on his target and make sure the enemy won’t get away.

Warwick’s new E ability is Primal Howl.  When activated, Warwick takes reduced damage for a short duration.  At the end of the duration, or if the ability is activated again, Warwick howls, causing nearby enemies to flee in fear.  Another quality Warwick previously lacked, he has an area of effect crowd control ability which also gives him some additional sustain through the damage reduction.

Warwick’s updated ultimate ability is Infinite Duress.  Warwick leaps in a direction and suppresses the first champion he collides with, dealing damage and applying on-hit effects throughout the duration.  The leap’s distance is based on Warwick’s movement speed and he heals for all damage dealt.  During the leap, Warwick is immune to crowd control effects.  This new version allows for more interesting gameplay as it has become a long range skill shot with incredible ganking and initiation power.

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Warwick’s rework improves upon his already intuitive gameplay. His new toolkit allows for much more dynamic fights, unlike his old run up and auto attack style.  Warwick looks to be an intuitive and strong champion for players new and old to enjoy.