Big Ten Network set to launch new season of League

League of Legends is set to invade the collegiate Esports scene via the Big Ten Network. Get a look at all the great colleges ready to compete when BTN launches a brand new season.

The collegiate League of Legends scene is about to get a major boost in national coverage thanks to the Big Ten Network. In an article written by Jessica Negron for ULoL, a brand new season of League will officially be featured on BTN that kicks off at the end of January.

It will feature all the main colleges from Big Ten schools that will compete for the first ever League Conference Title. At the end of this new season, the winning college will have every member of the team earn $5,000 in scholarship money.

Below is a list of the competing colleges:






Michigan State



Ohio State




There will be two divisions, East and West, to divide up competitions. The top four teams from each division will compete in the playoffs similar to a college football format. The loser is done for the season with the winner advancing.

League will now reach an even broader audience now that it will have major colleges competing against each other in the Fields of Justice. As the game continues to reach new heights, it will introduce millions to why it’s so competitive and incredibly fun.

The tournament begins on Monday, January 30th, 2017 at 6:00 PM EST and will be available to be seen live on BTN or directly through the League client.