League Champion Spotlight: Ezreal

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In this League of Legends champion spotlight, we break down the strengths, weaknesses and an overall snapshot of Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer.

If you’re looking for a fun marksman in League of Legends, your best bet could easily be Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer.  He brings to the table a strong damage set with great escape tools.


His Mystic Shot drives most of his damage as a low cooldown skill shot that also applies on hit effects.  Coupled with a Sheen based item, this does incredible damage to opponents.  Also, his ultimate ability: Trueshot Barrage, allows you to take down low health opponents from long range.  The ability travels map-wide, so you can literally take someone out as they make it back to base from their recall if you time it correctly.

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To go along with this, Ezreal has a great escape tool in Arcane Shift.  This short distance, low cooldown teleport allows you to avoid damaging abilities and run from bad situations with ease.  Coupled with the summoner spell Flash, you can easily get away from many opponents while throwing your damage out.


Early game, Ezreal is incredibly mana hungry.  His skills do the majority of his damage but are quite costly.  You must be careful to not use your skills too much during the lane phase or you will not have any mana to fight your opponent with.  Also, since most of his damage output comes from skill shots, Ezreal’s damage output drastically decreases if you do not hit your opponents with them.

Also, while Ezreal great escaping skills., he is quite fragile.  If your opponents can get to you, Ezreal dies quite fast.  Hard crowd control skills and characters that can match Ezreal’s Arcane Shift can easily take down Ezreal.  To avoid this, you must position yourself in such a way to allow you to deal damage while being able to maneuver yourself into a better position to keep your opponents away from you.

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Ezreal is a strong marksman with lots of damage potential and great escape skills.  Summoners that love having the ability to outplay their opponents with this skill set will enjoy the Prodigal Explorer.