Esports players to topple earnings of sports figures

A recent report shows that professional Esports players are toppling earnings of leading sports figures. Even the pros in League of Legends are truly making a name for themselves financially.

As per RiftAnalyst, a recent report and infographic show that Esports are on such a rise, the earnings coming out for professional players are amazing. For anyone that is contemplating if a career could be made in mastering a competitive video game for a living, such as League of Legends, now is as good a time as ever to start honing your craft.

Below is the official transcript and infographic from RiftAnalyst, one of the top tools out there to improve your game and study your every move. It’s an amazing tool that is free and allows you to study matches and get incredible breakdowns to see what you did good and of course, what you did wrong.

From importing your matches, inserting drawings, and even making custom playlists of your highlights, RiftAnalyst helps take your match data or even those of your favorite professional players to analyze. Yes, you can even import matches featuring Faker to see what makes him one of the greatest to ever play League of Legends.

Take a look below at the official transcript of the press release as we here at Blog Of Legends would like to thank RiftAnalyst for sending this our way to share with our loyal readers.

If you want to make a living from sport, esports could be the best way to go about it. New research shows that prize funds in the rapidly growing world of gaming now exceed many of the world’s most well-known championships.

According to the most recent data, the winning team at last year’s esports tournament The International Dota 2 took home a huge purse of more than $9m, with the League of Legends World Championship victors receiving in excess of $2m.

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While the world of competitive esports still trails some way behind football’s UEFA Champions League – winners Real Madrid received €15.5m last year – many gamers are now matching the prizes received by some of the world’s most famous sportsmen.

An analysis of recent prize funds showed that those at the pinnacle of their sports, such as the winners of golf’s British Open, snooker’s World Championship and the Emirates FA Cup, all received paychecks less that those winning the major esports tournaments.

Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jo Konta, and Henrik Stenson have become millionaires thanks to their success, and esports now has its own global superstars with five players from the Chinese Wings Gaming team raking in almost $2m each in prizes alone.

On a global level, the rest of the world lags behind the likes of China, the USA and Korea, whose players accumulated more than $47m between them in last year alone. The UK has a small pool of around 600 professional gamers – those who have made money from entering online and offline tournaments – who pocketed a total of $2m.

Mercè Delgado, CEO of Fluendo, who recently launched RiftAnalyst – a tool to help gamers improve their strategy and ability – commented: “Despite having the fourth most active professional gamers in the world, the UK is not achieving its full potential.

“As with all sports, staying on top of your game requires dedication and we’re seeing teams employ coaches and physiotherapists, even focusing on improving their diet, all to improve their game. Players who are serious about winning tournaments need to use every tool at their disposal to improve, regardless of which esport they are playing.

“Esports is now a lucrative profession and that is reflected in the increased amounts of prize money on offer. It’s only a matter of time before some of the world’s leading gamers start to feature among the wealthiest sportsmen in the world.”

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