Jhin is top free champion to play in May Week 4

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Heading into Week 4 of May, out of all the free champions to play with in League of Legends, Jhin, the Virtuoso, leads the pack.

The new free champion rotation this week in League of Legends brings a lot of variety to Summoners looking for someone new to play with. Whether you prefer playing as a top lane champion like Renekton or even hit mid lane as Leblanc, none are as fun as playing with Jhin, the Virtuoso, as an ADC in bottom lane.

Jhin’s current win percentage is a little low at the moment, however. As per Champion.gg, Jhin has a 46.86 percent win rate. When it comes to farming minions, Jhin takes a little getting used to but once you master his kit, he can stack up CS well.

His Q – Dancing Grenade, is perfect for clearing out groups of minions together. Before hitting the Summoner’s Rift as him, play as Jhin either in the Practice Tool or even in a simple 3v3 Twisted Treeline against the A.I to see how to use his rotation effectively.

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Positioning is very important in the grand scheme of things when it comes to Jhin. Make sure to use his ultimate, R – Curtain Call, when engaging in a team fight. If you’re able to arrive just in time, it can lead to devastating results for the enemy team. It’s easy to rack up a plethora of kills as Jhin as long as you master his positioning and use his ultimate at the opportune time.

Jhin tends to start out slow when it comes to matches but really packs a punch later on. As an ADC, communication is key when it comes to how to synergize with your teammates. Speaking of which, let your Support teammate know that Jhin does well alongside Fiddlesticks, Vel’Koz, and Sona in the bottom lane.

Overall, if you’ve never given Jhin a try, definitely give him a shot this week. He could easily be worth adding to your collection if you enjoy everything he brings to the table.