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Heading into the weekend, here’s a breakdown of every free champion rotation in League of Legends for the second week of June.

One of the best features in League of Legends is how they rotate different champions every week that are free for Summoners to play as. Not only does this allow players to check out new champions in different roles, but it helps expand their champion knowledge in the grand scheme of things.

This week, several champions made the free champion rotation that helps hit several roles in the Summoner’s Rift. If you’ve never tried any of these champions, give them a shot either in the Twisted Treeline or in a 5v5 against the A.I.

You’d be surprised how one can easily find a new main champion by giving their kit a chance and see how they perform where it matters most. Here’s a breakdown of every free champion available to play with right now in League of Legends as per their official website.

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Amumu – the Sad Mummy

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite little Mummy boy is free to play this week. Make no mistake about it, Amumu is a lot of fun to play with in the jungle. Not only does he clear it fairly quickly but he’s great when engaging enemy champions in team fights. His Q – Bandage Toss is a difference maker and helps stun enemy champions so others can swoop right in and seal the deal with a kill.

Braum – the Heart of the Freljord

Easily one of the most popular Support champions in the game, Braum is excellent due to everything he brings to the table. He can shield his allies from projectiles and excels in slowing enemy champions down.

Gangplank – the Saltwater Scourge

Gangplank is a decent top and mid lane champion that can heal himself with his W – Remove Scurvy and be hard to take down. His E – Powder Keg is great for having a high CS no matter which lane you’re in.

Irelia – the Will of the Blades

Mainly a top lane champion, Irelia is seeing some major traction as she currently has a 50.51 percent win rate as per If you love to hit enemies that heal you back via abilities, look no further than Irelia.

Jinx – the Loose Cannon

Who wouldn’t love playing as the demented criminal herself, Jinx? She’s a solid ADC and brings some major fire power to the bottom lane. Her ultimate, R – Super Mega Death Rocket!, is a game-changer from anywhere on the map.

Karthus – the Deathsinger

Karthus has been a meta pick as of late as he’s dominating his way to the top of the charts in either the top or mid lane. Best of all, his ultimate, R – Requiem, can wipe an entire team out if timed right with your teammates. It’s an ability that hits every enemy champion across the map and can be quite annoying if you’re on the receiving end of it.

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  • Katarina – the Sinister Blade

    When it comes to dominating the mid lane, Katarina can make quick work against minions and enemy champions standing in between her and taking down towers. The way she throws daggers and can blink to enemy champions makes her a force to reckon with.

    Kog’Maw – the Mouth of the Abyss

    If you’re looking for a dominating ADC, Kog’Maw can slow enemies, reveal hidden ones, and packs a serious punch after you build him up in the Summoner’s Rift. If you stack up Attack Damage and Attack Speed, Kog’Maw can become unstoppable in the bottom lane if he’s fed.

    Lulu – the Fae Sorceress

    Lulu is a solid support champion that uses her pet Pix to give either Attack Speed or Movement Speed to her ADC. She’s great in slowing champions and giving her ADC auras of more health.

    Riven – the Exile

    As of late, Riven has enjoyed much success in the top lane as she’s averaging a 51.87 percent win rate as per Her kit is a strong one at this point in time since she can stun enemies in the top lane and unleash some serious damage.

    Shaco – the Demon Jester

    Shaco is one of the top junglers in League of Legends since he’s able to be such a game changer, especially later on in matches. When it comes to team fights, his ultimate, R – Hallucinate, makes a clone of himself to attack enemy champions and upon its death, will explode and create three of his infamous Jack in the Boxes. This can make quick work of enemy champions, especially if they’re trying to escape death.

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    Yasuo – the Unforgiven

    There is a big reason why Yasuo tends to always get banned during champion select. Yasuo can be effective in either top or mid lane and if a Summoner really understands and executes his kit, he can be invincible. If you’re looking for a powerhouse of a champion to use, definitely give Yasuo a shot this weekend.