League of Legends: why Heimerdinger is who you should try in the free champion rotation – 3/19

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

A new free champion rotation comes out today, so we look at which League of Legends champions are best for less experienced players to pick out and try.

Here at BlogofLegends, we’re committed to helping you improve at League of Legends, and there’s no better way to improve than trying out a bunch of new champions available in the weekly free champion rotation.

Every week the free champion rotation gives League of Legends players the opportunity to experiment and try out new champions. Newer players, especially, who don’t have all the champions purchased, should take advantage of this rotating cast of champions to try new champions they haven’t seen.

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To help newer players know which champion is the best one to try and get games in on this week, we’re ranking all the champions in the free champion rotation based on five factors: popularity (will you be seeing this champion a lot, thus benefiting from knowing how it works?), fun factor (is the champion fun to play?), difficulty (is this champion’s kit geared towards a newer player?), cost (will you be able to buy this champion soon or will you have to play a lot and save up blue essence to buy it?), and versatility (can it be played in more than one role, if you’re not sure which role you’ll main?).

We’ll give each a score on a scale of 1-5 (5 being best for a new or inexperienced player). Here are our rankings for this week’s free champion rotation.

Heimerdinger (17)

  • Popularity: 2 (he’s cropped up in professional play and has a lot of passionate fans, but either you main Heimer or you never play him)
  • Fun factor: 3 (the fun you have is watching your lane opponent not have any fun)
  • Difficulty: 4 (easy kit, but it’s unique and has a lot of range to master how to position his turrets)
  • Cost: 3 (3150 BE)
  • Versatility: 5 (can be played top, bot, and mid)

Gangplank (17)

  • Popularity: 5 (meta in pro play and a lot of people in norms play him)
  • Fun factor: 5 (a lot of skill expression, plus it’s fun to hit someone with a barrel that does half their health while pretending to be a pirate)
  • Difficulty: 1 (very hard kit to master, almost all skill shot reliant)
  • Cost: 3 (3150 BE)
  • Versatility: 3 (can be played top and mid)

Aatrox (16)

  • Popularity: 5 (he’s meta in professional play and probably will be played a lot in the future)
  • Fun factor: 3 (he’s fun if you like never being able to die and doing tons of damage)
  • Difficulty: 2 (his kit is quite complicated and there are a lot of ways to screw him up)
  • Cost: 1 (6300 BE)
  • Versatility: 5 (can be played top, jungle, and mid)

Fiddlesticks (15)

  • Popularity: 3 (played a lot in pro but like Braum he doesn’t show up often in normal games)
  • Fun factor: 1 (the only fun part of his kit is ulting into enemy team screaming “cawcawcawcaw”)
  • Difficulty: 5 (no skill shots involved in his kit other than the ultimate, has a built-in heal, and point/click crowd control)
  • Cost: 4 (1350 BE)
  • Versatility: 2 (can be played support and kind of jungle and mid)

Shen (15)

  • Popularity: 3 (will often crop up in pro play for his playmaking ability, not too much in normals)
  • Fun factor: 2 (using your ult properly to save a teammate is fun, but otherwise his kit is fairly bland)
  • Difficulty: 4 (not a lot of ways to really screw up with his kit, even though there are some skill shots)
  • Cost: 3 (3150 BE)
  • Versatility: 3 (can be played top and support and kind of jungle)

Kled (15)

  • Popularity: 4 (gets played in pro play sometimes, but is a fairly common top laner)
  • Fun factor: 4 (if you’re into just putting your head down and going in for kills, sure)
  • Difficulty: 4 (kit is straightforward, but you can learn a lot of nuances to it)
  • Cost: 1 (6300 BE)
  • Versatility: 2 (can be played top and kind of mid)

Talon (15)

  • Popularity: 4 (never picked in pro play, but gets a lot of play in normal games)
  • Fun factor: 4 (getting to parkour around the map and vanish with your ult to blow someone up is incredibly fun)
  • Difficulty: 3 (he has a fairly linear “go in” pattern, but you have to learn how to play the lane properly)
  • Cost: 2 (4800 BE)
  • Versatility: 2 (can be played mid and kind of top)

Nunu & Willump (14)

  • Popularity: 3 (sometimes picked in pro play, but in norms you really only pick him if you play him a lot)
  • Fun factor: 2 (I guess it’s cool to run people down with your giant snowball, but that’s about it)
  • Difficulty: 3 (he’s got a lot of ways to whiff key abilities, that said they’re not too hard to pilot)
  • Cost: 5 (450 BE)
  • Versatility: 1 (can be played jungle)

Rammus (14)

  • Popularity: 2 (never played in professional games, but he’ll show up occasionally in normals)
  • Fun factor: 1 (you roll in a ball and run at people, that’s about it)
  • Difficulty: 5 (ok)
  • Cost: 4 (1350 BE)
  • Versatility: 2 (can be played jungle and kind of top)

Sivir (14)

  • Popularity: 3 (when she’s meta she’s picked a lot by pros and in normals, but when she’s not she gets ignored)
  • Fun factor: 1 (incredibly unsatisfying ult to use, her kit basically exists to push waves and deal damage in the back of fights)
  • Difficulty: 4 (other than mis-timing your spell shield you really can’t screw up too bad)
  • Cost: 5 (450 BE)
  • Versatility: 1 (can be played bot)

Thresh (14)

  • Popularity: 5 (the most popular support in the game, will always be around)
  • Fun factor: 5 (getting to cosplay as Madlife and make incredible hook+flash+flay+lantern plays never gets old)
  • Difficulty: 1 (steep learning curve, need to learn how to combo his abilities properly)
  • Cost: 2 (4800 BE)
  • Versatility: 1 (can be played support)

Orianna (13)

  • Popularity: 4 (she’s picked quite often in pro games and normals, but not every game)
  • Fun factor: 4 (she can play offense or defense with her ball and landing the ult is incredibly satisfying)
  • Difficulty: 1 (all skill shots, need to be aware of the cast range on your ball because more than one pro player has accidentally “sombreroed” their ult)
  • Cost: 2 (4800 BE)
  • Versatility: 2 (can be played mid and kind of support)

Braum (11)

  • Popularity: 3 (he’s very often picked in pro play, but not that often in regular games)
  • Fun factor: 2 (he has some fun in stunning enemies and blocking big ults, but he’s not that flashy)
  • Difficulty: 4 (relatively simple kit, but there are a lot of ways you can learn to use it properly)
  • Cost: 1 (6300 BE)
  • Versatility: 1 (only played support, don’t let anyone tell you Braum jungle is a thing)

Kog’Maw (10)

  • Popularity: 2 (he’s a niche pick in the pro scene and very rarely picked in normal games)
  • Fun factor: 2 (you’re all about getting to late game and shredding down people while praying no assassin dives onto you).
  • Difficulty: 2 (a lot of skill shots in this kit, plus he has absolutely no escapes so you have to position well)
  • Cost: 2 (4800 BE)
  • Versatility: 2 (can be played bot and kind of mid)

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Which champions will you be looking to try out this week during the free champion rotation? Let us know in the comments!