Yorick is top free champion in Nov. Week 2

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Heading into the second week of November, Yorick, the Sheperd of Souls, is the top character to use in the free champion rotation of League of Legends.

Whether you love him or hate him in League of Legends, there is no denying the game-changing ways of Yorick, the Sheperd of Souls. The popular top lane champion is a tanky character that uses his patented Mist Walkers to unleash damage alongside him and well, ensure that lots of graves are created thanks to the deaths of enemy champions.

This week’s free champion rotation makes Yorick free to play and if you’ve never played him before, he’s not that hard at all to master. His kit makes him do bonus damage that can actually heal him back, trap enemy champions in a barrier that’s breakable, slow enemies down, and an ultimate that does well in team fights.

Yorick’s R – Eulogy of the Isles summons the Maiden of the Mist and four Walkers that can dish out a plethora of damage and cause havoc when a team fight breaks out. Whatever target the Maiden of the Mist is attacking will also take bonus damage from Yorick. Talk about a double punch of death.

When playing Yorick, make sure to focus on building items that emphasize Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Health. Once Yorick is fully leveled and geared up, he can become a force to reckon with.

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For runes, as per Champion.GG, for the best ones that are known to win a plethora of matches, make sure to equip Resolve -> Grasp of the Undying -> Demolish -> Iron Skin -> Overgrowth. Then finish your rune page with Sorcery -> The Ultimate Hat -> Scorch.

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Overall, give Yorick a try in the top lane since once you master his ability rotation, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy everything he brings to the table. Who knows, you might even consider adding him to your Collection since you’ll be earning a lot of Blue Essence from carrying matches.