Bard is top free champion to play in June Week 4

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Heading into June Week 4, Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, is free to play in League of Legends. Check him out as he’s one incredible support champion.

This week in League of Legends, the latest free champion rotation has hit the Summoner’s Rift. Besides Master Yi, Twitch, and Nami, Summoners have a shot at playing as Bard as he’s one of the top support champions in the game.

In June Week 4, Summoners should play as Bard if they’ve never selected him or are curious about everything he brings to the table. Besides his big stun ultimate ability, Bard excels in healing his fellow ADC and especially in team fights.

His W – Caretaker’s Shrine is a difference maker when pushing a lane or taking down enemy champions since it’s an instant heal once an ally walks over it. Bard can place them wherever he likes and spread them around for his teammates.

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While developers of League of Legends are making the support role more interactive and engaging, it’s always good to branch out and try new champions when possible.

Not only will it make you a better player but one never knows when you’ll get auto filled for a role you might not be familiar with. As of now, most Summoners aren’t enjoying the support or jungle roles so playing as one means faster queue times.

Practicing with Bard will give you a good idea of a solid support class and checking out the new quests in various support items. Not only will you be able to have a key part in the bottom lane, but learn a champion that requires a lot of practice and timing to master.

When it comes to banning champions, keep in mind that Bard has a problem going up against Draven, Twitch, or Caitlin. Let your fellow ADC know to ban any of them to have a bit of an easier time in the bottom lane.

Overall, Bard is a fun champion that is a bit of a challenge to master but at the end of the day, is a top support champion for a reason. His kit has the capability of slowing down, stunning, healing, and he also has a surreal ability to create portals for fast travel, through any terrain in the Summoner’s Rift.