Jarvan IV is top free champion to play in July Week 1

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For the first week of July, the free champion rotation has some solid choices in League of Legends but make no mistake about it, the top option to play as is easily Jarvan IV, Exemplar of Demacia.

When it comes to League of Legends, the weekly free champion rotation serves many factors. Besides keeping things fresh to give players an opportunity to try new champions in various roles, it helps them also get a better understanding of the game itself. Whether you main the top lane or want to give the jungle a shot for the first time, you’ll undoubtedly grow as a Summoner the more champions you play with.

Learning a new champion can also help a Summoner learn what makes them tick which comes in handy when going up against them. You’d be surprised how easy it is to counter an enemy once you get a good idea of what their kit brings to the table.

For this week, however, there is one particular champion that should not only be played as by anyone who has yet to do so but is currently among the tops when it comes to the role of jungler. That’s right, it’s Jarvan IV, Exemplar of Demacia.

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As of this point in time, Jarvan IV is a top five champion when it comes to the most winningest of junglers.

On average by those that use him, Jarvan IV is currently on a 52.04 percent win rate. It’s mainly due to how effective his kit can be that also makes him viable in the top lane.

He’s a tanky kind of champion that dishes out a good amount of damage once he’s leveled up and geared. For those that have never played as Jarvan IV before, make sure to stack a plethora of items emphasizing Attack Damage and health for maximum results.

Overall, Jarvan IV brings a lot of burst power to the Summoner’s Rift which bodes well for him whenever he’s ganking a lane or entering a team fight. Don’t miss out and give him a shot this week to see if he’s worth adding to your collection.