Beekeeper Singed skin delayed due to bugs

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Singed, the Mad Chemist, has an amazing new Beekeeper skin that was supposed to hit League of Legends in patch update 7.20 but unfortunately, is still being beta tested due to bugs.

If you’ve ever played the top lane in League of Legends and went up against Singed, the Mad Chemist, you probably hated every second of it unless you’re Talon. As one of the most annoying champions to deal with in the game, Singed was set to get an amazing new Beekeeper skin but unfortunately, it has a lot of bugs to it. No, not bees but more of those that don’t make the skin run smooth visually.

As per Tanner Dedmon of, he verified via Rioter I am Carlos that the Beekeeper Singed skin has been delayed from being earlier this week due to issues with how the skin acts in League of Legends. Dedmon also confirmed that this new skin should be released sometime next week as it’s still being tested in the Public Beta Environment.

Primarily a top lane champion, Singed is pretty popular in League of Legends since his abilities cause him to surprisingly catch enemy champions off guard. His poison trails are great for farming minions and you’d be surprised how quickly it eats away your health if you even dare to try and chase after him while following his fumes.

This new Beekeeper skin truly adds an amazing dimension to Singed as it’s all about honey now. That’s right, his poison trail is now filled with pesky bees, his W – Mega Adhesive has been replaced with bitter honey, and everything else makes you believe that bees truly love him.

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With all new visuals, sound effects, and a hilarious recall animation, the new Beekeeper Singed skin costs 1,350 Riot Points. It’s very much worth it since it’s been some time since Singed got a new skin which should resonate well for those Summoners that main him.

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Overall, it’ll be out sooner than later (sometime next week) which is always a good thing. Just remember, don’t waste your time chasing him before you end up being part of what his new bees will feast on once you’re dead.