Patch updates might be going monthly in the future

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Developers are considering turning patch updates of League of Legends into monthly features with small changes after to fine tune things.

When it comes to patch updates, developers of League of Legends know how important it is to have the right buffs, nerfs, and changes to continue enhancing gameplay. The truth of the matter is that besides making the game better, it’s good to have updates that also ensure all those Esports tournaments don’t get interrupted due to bugs or META champions coming out of nowhere disrupting things.

Due to how big League of Legends is when it comes to Esports, developers don’t make any huge changes during big tournaments like what is going on now with Worlds 2017. Once this season is over, lots of changes are coming to the game from the big Runes Reforged update to even how patch updates will be in 2018.

In an article written by Ryan Gilliam of The Rift Herald, he confirmed that via Rioter Ghostcrawler, changes will now be coming in a different format. Here’s what Ghostcrawler had to say:

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"We are considering a system in which a large patch is released once a month, and every two weeks a small update that completes the previous one."

In the grand scheme of things, this makes a lot of sense so all the big patch updates that introduce new modes, champions, and everything else in between, will be expected and hotfixed if needed after.

When it comes to video games of this magnitude, it’s all about finding the right balance. It’s important to update the game but not do it every few weeks so players can actually get used to things before it’s changed yet again.

Having a monthly update, let’s say the first Tuesday of every month, should resonate well since other major video game franchises tend to follow such a schedule. If anything is broken or needs further fine-tuning, smaller patch updates could be added by the middle of the month. This would be an area that would satisfy everyone, whether they play professional or just with friends from school.

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Overall, expect to see some final answers by the development team once this year’s Worlds tournament is in the books and it’s time for a new season to begin. Hopefully, one of which that brings patch updates on a more steady schedule so everyone knows when to expect it and get ready for all the changes.