League of Legends announce end of 2017 season rewards

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The end of the 2017 season is almost here for League of Legends as some of the rewards that will be given out to ranked Summoners are very much worth all the time invested.

All throughout the 2017 season in League of Legends, Summoners spent endless hours playing competitive matches to the point of no return. From sleepless nights to working hard on ranking up to executing unique strategies in team fights, some great rewards are indeed on the horizon at season’s end.

Developers have officially confirmed all the great rewards that await those that have earned a ranking in competitive matches in League of Legends. With the season officially ended on Tue., Nov. 7, 2017, it will bring to an end a year of fun moments, crazy pentakills, and of course, ever-changing META champions that change everything we thought we knew about the game (Ezreal jungle, anyone?).

For the most part, the majority of Summoners that play ranked matches tend to fall in the Bronze Elo. Those that are Bronze and up will at least get a new Profile Insignia and Summoner Icon to showcase their ranking.

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If you ended the season with Silver and up, you’ll earn a Profile Insignia, Summoner Icon, a loading screen border, and yes, even a Victorious ward. For all those amazing Summoners that end the season with a Gold and up Elo ranking, you’ll undoubtedly be getting the best rewards possible.

You’ll be getting a Profile Insignia, Summoner Icon, a loading screen border, the Victorious ward, and yes, the Victorious Graves skin. In addition to this amazing new skin, depending on which queue you leveled up in, it’ll also come with extra chromas.

Just like developers have promised months ago, Honor will continue to have a huge impact on rewards earned throughout matches and as you level up. For any Summoner that ended the season with at least Honor level 3 or higher, you’ll earn a unique ward skin based on your level. As always, it pays off to be friendly and supportive regardless of what transpires in a match.

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Rewards should be given out once the season ends and might take a few days for everyone to get them added to their Collection. The new season will begin on Tue., Jan. 16, 2017 so make sure to continue practicing once the season ends to start the new one ready for anything that awaits!