Runes Reforged will allow players to see enemy runes

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Don’t worry Summoners, the upcoming Runes Reforged update in League of Legends will allow you to see what runes the enemy team has to be ready for anything they throw your way.

When it comes to preparing against the enemy team in a match, it’s all about knowing what spells, items, and even runes they have. The big Runes Reforged update is coming in early November as it should undoubtedly change League of Legends in a huge but smart way.

All the incredible runes that are coming out will have a huge impact in a match, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Runes that can drop a meteor when used to even clearing a group of minions in seconds, it will bring some amazing new styles of gameplay right from the start.

Luckily, developers will make sure that everything is balanced and still be competitive when it comes to matches. In an article written by Tanner Dedmon of, he confirmed that during the loading screen of a match, all Keystone runes will be visible for everyone to see and well, prepare for the possibilities they will encounter.

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Both the primary and secondary paths will be visible so everyone knows who is using what and how to counter it to the best of their abilities. For now, it looks like just the logo of each Keystone rune will be shown but nothing else.

It might be handy to perhaps have a tooltip feature come up when hovering over each icon but the truth of the matter is, something is better than nothing. At least for now, it makes sense to at least have it there to be in the know.

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Overall, there might be more changes as to how these amazing new Keystone runes will be displayed before, during, and after a match but for now, make sure to at least know the paths/what to expect from each. Check out this amazing tool to not only see what each path is in Runes Reforged but also play around with them for your own personal style of play until this update goes live.