League confirms fewer reworked champions to end 2017

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Developers of League of Legends have confirmed that they’ll be fewer reworked champions to end 2017 being completed. Patience is a good thing to have considering what is on the horizon.

With the upcoming “Runes Reforged” arguably being the biggest update to ever hit League of Legends, developers are focusing all their efforts towards that. It’s going to completely change the game and hopefully, usher in a new era of even more unique gameplay with runes that actually make a difference in the Summoner’s Rift.

Due to this, developers have confirmed that they plan to focus more towards that update as well as for the upcoming preseason. With the Worlds 2017 tournament continuing on, once it’s over, League of Legends will continue to get ready for a preseason that should be one of the most diverse ever in franchise history.

In an article written by Andrew Kim of Slingshot, he confirmed via Rioter Meddler that developers will mostly be working on preseason updates and balancing issues. It looks like major champion reworks won’t be coming back again until early next year and it makes a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things. As per Kim, Swain and Aatrox are set to get updates as that’s pretty much it for 2017.

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Considering that such a huge update is coming in early November, it’s best that developers stick with ensuring a smooth process when it goes live.

Making sure everyone gets their Influence Points converted into Blue Essence and all the rewards that are coming to those that bought runes/rune pages, it’s best to put champion reworks on the backburner for now

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Overall, with how fast the year is coming to an end, Riot Games should be proud of everything they’ve done from champion reworks, adding new champions, all the Esports tournaments they held, and of course, bringing quality gaming to millions across the globe. It will be exciting to see what champions they plan to rework in 2018 as well as all the new ones that await next year.