Founders plan to step down to focus on new games

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Both original founders of League of Legends recently announced their intentions to step down from their current roles to focus on new franchises for Riot Games. It’s a sad but exciting time in an important direction for the company.

When it comes to Riot Games, it’s a company that was founded by two individuals that had a vision for a competitive multiplayer game that took the gaming industry by storm. Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill spent countless hours creating the worldwide phenomenon known as League of Legends.

Needless to say, the game has exponentially grown to such a state, that it catapulted a huge Esports scene, created millions of loyal gamers, and has been a platform for major financial success. League of Legends has made billions of dollars to date and well, it’s in a place now where both Beck and Merrill came to the realization that new entries must be added to their gaming lineup to continue putting their company in the mainstream.

Both founders officially announced that they have decided to step down in order to add more gaming franchises under the Riot Games banner. The truth of the matter is, for their company to continue heading in the right direction, they must add more games besides being known for just League of Legends.

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Of course, they have left a quality leadership team in place to continue managing League of Legends and ensure that nothing misses a beat when it comes to creating new champions, game modes, balancing the game, and being a premier title in the ever-changing Esports scene.

There is no doubt that both Beck and Merrill left those in a position to continue making the game thrive and deliver quality gaming.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a great sign of even bigger things to come to Riot Games. Similar to what Blizzard Entertainment did, they can’t be known for decades at a time for just a franchise or two. Taking a look at what Blizzard did the past few years, they’ve added new franchise besides WarCraft, Diablo, and StarCraft to their lineup and continue to take the gaming industry by storm.

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Adding amazing new titles like Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone, Blizzard created these games that have been highly successful and brought an immense amount of success to their company. Seeing how Riot Games plans to do the same, one can only imagine what both Beck and Merrill can do once they start getting to work on the next new franchises of Riot Games.