Patch 7.21 is the final one of Season 7

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Patch update 7.21 will be the final one of Season 7 closing out another incredible year of gaming in League of Legends.

With Season 7 about to be in the books, it brought many great memories to those that play League of Legends. From new champions, nerfs, buffs, items, game modes, and everything else in between, developers have been working hard to ensure the highest quality of gameplay. Patch update 7.21 is now live and will be the final one of Season 7.

With the highly anticipated Runes Reforged update coming in early November, developers made patch update 7.21 a relatively small one but took care of many balancing issues. Considering how big the Runes Reforged update is going to be, it made sense for them to continue focusing on that and make this current update a decent one.

Changes have hit some of the top lane champions as well as the popular Ardent Censer item. Yes, the popular support item finally got nerfed as it was causing some major issues in the bottom lane since Summoners would rush to build it to dish out more damage quicker.

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Needless to say, it caused major balancing issues and has been nerfed, much to the rejoicing of those on the receiving end of the Attack Speed and damage buffs it used to provide. It will be interesting to see how Summoners adapt to those big changes.

Aside from that, patch update 7.21 is the same as every update with champions getting buffs, nerfs, item changes, and of course, bugfixes. Keep in mind that with this being the last update, don’t waste anything on runes, rune pages, or anything like that since all of that will be removed/updated with the big Runes Reforged update.

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For now, enjoy this final update and continue to hone your craft as League of Legends is about to evolve into an entirely different game on Wed., Nov. 8, 2017!