Galio finally gets nerfed via mid-patch hotfix

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Galio has been overpowered, to say the least, ever since he got buffed in patch update 7.21. Thankfully, developers of League of Legends have finally nerfed him via a mid-patch hotfix to make him more balanced.

For the past few days, Galio has been wreaking havoc in League of Legends ever since he got buffed in patch update 7.21. The popular top and mid lane champion has been overpowered thanks to developers buffing the majority of his kit by increasing the ability power ratios of his Q, W, and E.

Needless to say, it was so bad that Galio was literally getting banned in every match when it came to champion select. There were even a plethora of videos hitting YouTube and Twitch of Galio pretty much one or two-shotting enemy champions straight to their deaths all thanks to his Q – Winds of War.

Due to this, developers knew that they had to nerf him in order to make him balanced in League of Legends. The original plan developers had was to buff Galio in order to make him more viable towards team fights but dropped the ball since it made him simply too much to handle from start to finish.

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The biggest issue was his Q – Winds of War as it hit like a truck and took way too much health when used against enemy champions. When Summoners would equip items that had a heavy emphasis on Ability Power, this was what caused him to be broken.

Courtesy of the Media Relations Department of League of Legends, here’s what they changed with Galio’s Q – Winds of War:

"INITIAL DAMAGE RATIO .9 ability power ⇒ .8 ability powerTORNADO RATIO 3% Percent Max Health per 100 AP per tick ⇒ 1% Max Health per 100 AP per tick (3% total)"

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Overall, this is a breath of fresh air as now he should be a more realistic champion to use in the Summoner’s Rift. This nerf puts Galio back into a reasonable place that’s finally fair when you’re going up against him.