Developers confirm FPS changes are coming soon

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When it comes to FPS, the better it gets in League of Legends, the better gameplay awaits in close matches. Developers have confirmed they’re working on a big change to improve FPS for the long-term.

We’ve all seen how bad things can get in a match of League of Legends when FPS rates get so bad, you can barely keep up with everything that’s going on. Now, League of Legends will work on the majority of computers but at the end of the day, optimal gameplay comes down to a solid internet connection, a good video card, and an FPS that makes the gameplay process at the real-time speed it’s intended to.

Luckily, developers have confirmed that they’re working on a lot of behind-the-scenes issues to help increase the FPS even further in League of Legends. Having better FPS regardless of how your computer is setup would go a long way in ensuring gamers have a good experience from start to finish, especially when a team fight breaks out and chaos is everywhere due to a plethora of abilities being used.

In an article written by Tanner Dedmon of, he confirmed that developers are working on a toggle feature in regards to the client running in the background as matches progress and especially when they are over. Here is what was revealed:

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"Specifically, one of the ways that they’re looking to improve players’ experience is by allowing the client to be toggled off while in-game to reduce the load on computers. It’s an area that they’re looking into, but with the new post-game Honor screen in place that requires you to vote before the timer runs out, they have to make sure it works properly before it goes live."

In the grand scheme of things, it’s rare to see gamers Alt-Tab out of a live match to see whatever is going on via the in-game client. Considering that chats and private chats can be done as a match is going on means there is no real reason to switch out.

If developers were able to toggle the in-game client completely off when a match goes live, it should free up a lot of background processes and increase FPS nicely. Everyone would agree that it’s a feature that not many people use so it would make sense to have the option to toggle it off once a match starts.

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Overall, this would be a big change that should hopefully mean a better overall FPS for new and old gamers alike. It’s all about the little things to improve the game to continue making it the best MOBA in the world.