Lucian is top free champion in Nov. Week 1

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Heading into the first week of November, Lucian, the Purifier, is the top character to use in the free champion rotation.

If you’re looking for a new mid or ADC champion to use over the weekend in League of Legends, Lucian, the Purifier, is the perfect character to play with. He’s been a popular bottom lane choice for a while now as his kit brings quite the burst damage when Lucian is leveled and properly geared.

This week’s free champion rotation features Lucian who is a lot of fun to play with if you enjoy dishing out damage and perfecting skill shots. Keep in mind that it might take a few matches of going up against the A.I. to master his kit but once you’re ready, he does well against the competition.

He’s not too hard to master but is all about dealing a plethora of damage and getting away quickly with his E – Relentless Pursuit which can dash him to safety. Lucian does well in team fights thanks to his ultimate, Lucian’s R – The Culling, as he can kill an entire enemy team that’s trying to flee if used at the right moment.

For those that have never played him, focus on items that emphasize Attack Damage, Critical Damage, and Attack Speed. Again, the common theme you’ll see here with Lucian is to do damage quickly and get out before anyone realizes you’re locked in to go for the kill.

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When it comes to the best runes that bring the most successful results, as per, and usable in either the mid lane or ADC role, go Precision -> Press the Attack -> Triumph -> Legend: Bloodline -> Last Stand. Then go into the path of Domination -> Sudden Impact -> Eyeball Collection.

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Overall, give Lucian a try this weekend as he’s undoubtedly a lot of fun once you get used to everything he brings to the table. Next thing you know, you’ll be purifying the Summoner’s Rift one kill at a time.