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We have all faced high-quality opponents in League of Legends but at this point in time, aren’t able to honor them for a job well done. Developers spoke about the topic and shed some news on why it will be some time before anything to honor opponents is put in place.

We’ve all been there before when it comes to having great matches in League of Legends. You did your best but ultimately lost to someone who was simply better than you. It was a close match but at the end, you were on the losing end of things.

Once any match is over in League of Legends, the voting screen comes up to honor a teammate for their contributions. Unfortunately, no such thing is in place to honor quality opponents when they were one step ahead of you and put up a great match.

Recently, Rioter BionicNinja wrote about this very topic when it comes to honoring opponents and if the development team had any plans to add such a feature at this point in time. Basically, it’s been discussed but put on the backburner, for now.

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BionicNinja mentioned that honoring an opponent is important when it comes to making the community of League of Legends one about good sportsmanship and respect but will take more time and well, brainstorming to find the right platform to deliver it. The goal of playing matches is to get things set up quickly, play, level up, and continue stringing along matches.

Adding another screen to honor an opponent would add more time to that and might be a feature that most Summoners wouldn’t want to deal with since there is already a voting system in place for teammates. Clearly, it’s going to take some time for developers to find a happy medium to honor opponents in a quick way without making things confusing or worst yet, cluttered at the end of a match.

In what would make the most sense might be to have the system automatically select an enemy champion that went above and beyond the call of duty for their character and role. A Summoner that took down a lot of objectives, earned a lot of kills and was clutch in team fights towards the latter of a match. That way, opposing champions have the option to honor them since again, they were easily a difference maker.

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For now, just like BionicNinja said, they plan to focus on continuing to enhance all the aspects of building teamwork and addressing this topic in the future. It would be a great feature to have but will still need a lot of beta testing to ensure it’s done right the first time.