Mecha Rengar skin is easily the best of series

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A new skin has been added to the Mecha series in League of Legends as the Mecha Rengar skin is easily the best one of out the entire lineup.

Whether you love him or hate him, Rengar is easily a force to reckon with every single time he’s in the Summoner’s Rift. The popular jungler in League of Legends has made a name for himself over the years for hunting down enemy champions and hacking away until they find themselves staring at a death screen. Now, he can kill enemies in style sporting the amazing Mecha skin.

The new Mecha Rengar skin is easily the best of the series since it’s just flat out cool to own and fun to game with. Available for sale via the in-game Store of League of Legends at 1,350 Riot Points, it’s worth every RP thanks to everything it adds to Rengar.

From the way Rengar’s blade glows blue, the amazing voiceover effects, and easily the best recall animation in the game, this new Mecha Rengar skin is truly amazing. Being on the receiving end of Rengar attacking me when he was trying to gank me, I was in awe for a bit until I realized I should stop admiring and start running.

Besides the new Mecha Rengar skin, League of Legends has also released a new chroma bundle for it. For 1,110 RP, you can own various colors of the Mecha Rengar skin from yellow, grey, purple, white/red, yellow/black, and even all red. If you don’t own Rengar, you can get the entire set including him as a champion for 3,340 RP.

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When it comes to the entire line of Mecha skins, no offense to the others but Rengar’s is easily the best and is so since developers made a perfect balance of a predator and an assassin in such a robotic form. It lives up to what he does on a daily basis which is changing the flow of a match in a blink of an eye.

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Overall, this might end up being one of the best new skins of the year made by developers and will more than likely be among the most popular of skin purchases when all is said and done. What are your thoughts on the Mecha Rengar skin? Leave your comments below!