League of Legends All Star 2018: Everything you need to know


League of Legends All Star 2018 will be held in Las Vegas from the 6-8 Dec 2018. Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament to get you hyped.

The long-awaited annual League of Legends All-Star tournament is just a week away! Who’s going and what’s the format like this year? Keep on reading to find out!

What is All Star 2018?

Next week, from the 6th to 8th of December 2018, League of Legends’ annual All-Star event will take place with an exciting new format! While All-Star has traditionally been a more casual tournament for everyone’s favorite professional league players to come together and compete against one another, Riot has put a little twist to this year’s tournament.

Earlier this year, Riot announced their League Partnership Program with the game’s most well-known figures and lucky us, we get to watch them compete with our favorite pros this year at All-Star! This means that the community’s largest streamers from all around the world will be able to particulate in this year’s tournament as well.

This year’s All-Star will be held at the ESports Arena in Las Vegas.

Who’s Going?

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There will be a total of 64 All-Star participants consisting of 2 pro-players from each region (chosen through votes), 2-3 League Partners from each region and 4 Invitees chosen by Riot themselves.

Not all of All-Star 2018’s participants have been announced yet but here are a few who have been confirmed.

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From the professional players, we have:

  • NALCS: Doublelift, Sneaky
  • LPL: Uzi, MLXG
  • LCK: Faker, Bang
  • EULCS/LEC: Caps, Broxah
  • LMS: Maple, Westdoor
  • CBLOL: BrTT, Rakin
  • TCL: Brokenblade, Dumbledoge
  • VCS: Artifact, Zeros
  • OPL: Pabu, Triple
  • Southeast Asia: G4, Rockky
  • LCL: Kira, Diamondprox
  • LJL: Ceros, Evi
  • Latin America North: Cotopaco, Seiya
  • Latin America South: Plugo, Tierwulf

From the League Partners/streamers, we have:

  • LCK: Madlife, Cpt Jack

From Riot’s hand-picked All Star participants, we have:

  • NALCS: Licorice
  • LPL: Rookie
  • LCK: Peanut
  • EULCS/LEC: Jiizuke

How is the Tournament Formatted?

All Star 2018 has a uniquely fun-to-watch format, different from all the other professional league tournaments held during the year. The tournament will consist of:

The All-Star 1v1 Tournament

  • This is where all the pro players will compete against each other 1 on 1.

The All-Star 2v2 Charity Tournament

  • This is a newly introduced competition unique to All Star 2018, where pros and streamers will pair up to 2v2 each other on the Howling Abyss. All profits earned from this event will go towards any charity organization of the winning team’s choice.

Regional Rivalry Show Matches

  • Similar to Rift Rivals, this event will be where the regions compete against each other – looking forward to more NA vs. EU trashtalk!

East Vs. West Showdown

  • This event is another new addition to All Star, where (as the name suggests) players from western regions – primarily North America and Europe – will compete against players from the east – Korea and China.

Mixed Team Alternate-Game Modes

  • Now, this is where both the fun and trolling starts, where both pros and Partners will play together in a variety of random game modes throughout the day. A few years back for example, one of these game modes consisted of Bjergsen and Faker playing one champion together in a league match! The specific game modes are yet to be announced but we’re sure they’ll be just as entertaining as all of the previous years’!

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Riot has already gone ahead and released another amazing original track, featuring The Seige, for All Stars 2018. Listen here and get hyped for the tournament that’s about to start!

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Are you ready to cheer for your favourite players at this year’s LoL All Star tournament? Let us know who you’ll be supporting and what you’re looking forward to watching in the comments below!