League of Legends Season 9 Ranked Changes: A Breakdown

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Positional Ranked Play

Riot has heard its player-base loud and clear as for the next season, they will be adding position-specific ranked play. This means that you will earn a separate rank for each position you play so that the rank of your “main role” effectively remains untouched by any autofill games you have to play.

This change will boost the confidence of players playing in their main position, and also allow for a more accurate depiction in skill as play in the different roles is judged separately. In addition, Riot has said that in games where a player is autofilled, losses won’t affect the main role’s rank but wins will have a “splash” effect to give you a little extra LP on your main.

For more details on how this system will work, check out Riot’s take on positional match-making here!

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3 Splits = 1 Season

Instead of having one big season to play the game and a heap of end-of-season rewards, Season 9 will be divided into three splits.

During these splits, players will play under an arbitrary point system, where reaching a certain amount of points will be rewarded with end-of-split rewards (detailed later). These points will also go towards obtaining end-of-season rewards such as the traditional Victorious skins.

While many may not be happy with this more complicated season structure, Riot believes these splits will make the ranked journey more fast-paced and more rewarding for players who play the game frequently.