Tyler1 Championship Series Finals – Recap and Analysis

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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The Tyler1 Championship Series (TCS) concluded its third season this past Saturday. The electrifying tournament saw popular Twitch personalities and challenger League of Legends players battling it out on the rift for a coveted $50,000 winner take all grand prize directly from Tyler1 himself.

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp needs no introduction.

Hilariously crazy antics, a unique personality and his ability to captivate and engage with his audience, have all directly contributed to Steinkamp amassing over 2 million followers on streaming service Twitch.com

Steinkamp has gathered such a following, that at any given time during his stream, you can easily find over 10,000 viewers viewing and interacting with his live stream.

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But this was no ordinary time.

The TCS was an overwhelming success which saw over 120,000 viewers at once tuned in to watch the broadcast of the finals between Team E Turner (TT) and Team Polar Ace (PA).

These two teams each had to grind their way through a hectic gauntlet of other groups in order to earn their place and fight for the top prize.

Fan favorite teams like the Meme Stream Dream Team fell short and will have to try again next year if they want a chance at redemption.

Opening Ceremony

Before the finals got underway, Steinkamp greeted viewers as he awoke from his highrise, albeit fake, luxury hotel suite and there definitely needs to be some time taken to credit Tyler1 for his outstanding performing ability and preparation leading into the finals of the tournament.

With nothing but a green screen to aid him, he took us on a wacky journey through time, with a brief trip to Riot headquarters where Tyler1 would take his place among other Riot Games analysts.

Each bit induced knee-slapping laughter and really shows the creativity Steinkamp possesses at interacting and engaging with his fans.

After interviewing members from each team, thus, the finals were ready to begin and both TT and PA had set their sights on the prize money, with second place receiving nothing but a measly $25 Riot Points card, this final was sure to offer several high-octane thrills and outplays by both sides.

The match in its entirety can be viewed on Tyler1’s YouTube channel here: