Rolling the dice! A breakdown of the top 5 winningest ARAM champions

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

You may not have a choice for which champion you’ll be playing in an ARAM game, but you certainly can know if you have a good or bad comp. An overlooked aspect of ARAM, we break down which champions you should re-roll, and which you should hold.

While Summoner’s Rift remains King of League of Legends, the Howling Abyss has become an increasingly quality choice for summoners to work on their game. ARAM, or “all-random-all-mid,” has undergone improvements through the seasons that have opened the doors for tremendous highlights, outplays, and heartbreak. Because the match-ups are almost entirely random, those who play ARAM know the winning team is often decided by rolling the dice.

Let’s break down the most overpowered and most winning ARAM champions, and what makes them so unbeatable.

Ziggs (71.1% WR)

If you’ve ever played against a Ziggs in ARAM, particularly as a melee champion, you know just how oppressive he can be. Ziggs has everything in his kit to make him completely unstoppable in a game mode where players are grouped together.

Each of Ziggs’ abilities has the power to damage more than one target, including his ultimate which can regularly hit four or five opposing champions. Beyond that, Ziggs’ satchel charge serves as both an escape and a powerful tool for taking down towers. Pairing that with a passive that allows him to deal tremendous bonus damage with his basic attacks, Ziggs has every tool and then some to rule the Howling Abyss.

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Sona (70.2%)

While Sona lacks the range and stopping power of some of her mage/support counterparts, she makes up for it with her unrelenting sustain. With an investment in cooldown reduction, Sona quickly becomes a healing machine with the damage to kill a carry in a single spell rotation.

Allies in Sona’s radius receive nearly unlimited healing and speed boosts, and she rarely struggles with mana once an item or two is completed. On top of it all, her passive, similar to that of Ziggs, provides bonus damage for basic attacks on every spell rotation, making her an absolute menace.

Lux (66.2%)

Noticing a trend yet? Mages dominate the Howling Abyss, and Lux is no exception. Lux has the total package- a strong shield, self-peeling ability, immense range, and a treacherous skill combination with the capacity to kill even tanks in a single rotation. Lux, like other mages in the game, naturally itemizes towards mana and sustain items, which also increases her damage.

Maokai (66.2%)

The mid-season patch in 2017 introduced changes to Maokai, gearing him towards a sustainable damage dealer with good defenses, rather than a flat out tank. With this rework came the saplings, and ARAM players have been suffering ever since. If placed in the brush, the saplings proc their damage three times instead of one and leave enemies slowed. A strong Maokai player can dominate the Howling Abyss by commanding map control and herding enemies into the middle of the map, absolving any fear of a sneak attack from the brush.

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Xerath (63.2%)

The fourth mage to round out our top five, Xerath, packs a massive punch. Few other champions have the ability to take down an enemy without the chance of them getting close. Packed with a semi-global ultimate ability, a stun, a slow, long-range poke, and short cooldowns allow a strong Xerath player to die only when they need to shop for items.

While high-tier Summoner’s Rift charts often show the most ‘overpowered’ champions boasting between a 52-55 percent win ratio, ARAM seems to be significantly less balanced. The question that’s been nagging me – is there a way to fix this without ruining the integrity and fun of the game mode? Let me know what you think!

All stats are courtesy of LoLAlytics