5 League of Legends Podcasts You Can’t Miss!


Looking for more league content and bored during the new off-season? YouTube videos and twitch streams just don’t cut it anymore? Why not try listening to a League of Legends podcast!

With a more sit-back and relaxed talk-show style and informative themes, League of Legends podcasts are a great past time for both learning about the game and getting to know your favourite League personalities. Here’s a top list of all the weekly LoL Podcasts you should check out!

Beyond The Rift

Beyond The Rift is a weekly talk-show hosted by popular streamers imaqtpie and scarra, who also invite a relevant guest to every episode. Guests range from streamers to league professional players or even just popular personalities in general (coaches, analysts, Riot employees, etc.). While the podcast doesn’t really have a theme besides the game League of Legends, they keep their layout similar by asking a couple of questions their guest may provide insight on, with 10 minutes discussion time for each question, before ending with a live Discord Q&A. Each episode is unique due to the variety of guests the podcast brings on board, along with different discussion topics ranging from the Esports scene to gameplay and even the guests’ personal lives for all us nosy listeners! Of course, each episode is also hilarious to listen to with imaqtpie and scarra’s constant commentary!

Hotline League

Hosted by everyone’s favorite journalist in the scene, Travis Gafford and sarcastic but well-versed League analyst MarkZ, Hotline League is a great way to stay informed. Hotline League also brings in a wide variety of guests, although mostly professional League players and coaches. Hotline League directly involves listeners, allowing them to call in through Discord and personally ask a question to the episode’s guests themselves! If you’re dying to talk/interact with a League professional but don’t know how, try your luck by calling into Hotline League the next time they go live on Twitch!

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The Dive

The Dive is an official podcast hosted by reputable NALCS analysts and casters Jatt, Kobe and Azael. The Dive rarely brings guests on board but makes up for it by going into all the nitty gritty of Patch Notes, predicting and giving their insights on all NALCS and World League tournaments, while also discussing the latest League of Legends related news. Since the three hosts are incredibly familiar with the NALCS scene as Riot employees, their opinions on the game and NALCS are often quite accurate and interesting to listen to so hop on to the LolEsports channel and have a listen!


EUphoria is similar to the Dive in that it is hosted by Riot’s EU casters/analysts, Froskurinn and Drakos and discusses all things related to LEC. However, unlike The Dive, EUphoria does invite guests onto every episode – sometimes one or even two EU professional League players/coaches!

The podcast also has a running betting minigame, where the two hosts bet on issues discussed in the podcast and decide a punishment for the fans to see in the next episode. EUphoria is mainly concerned with the LEC scene but also talks specifically to their guests about their opinions on the game and other more personal and juicy content you won’t get elsewhere!

The Trinity Force

The Trinity Force is a more underrated podcast not many League fans know about it, even though it frequently and consistently delivers a lot of fantastic content about the game. Sometimes the episodes have guests – of all League personalities – and sometimes they don’t, but each episode is filled with high-level discussion on League gameplay, rundowns on the Patch Notes, information on champions and just solo queue in general! This podcast is perfect for someone who isn’t really interested in the League pro-scene and simply wants to improve their gameplay!

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Are you a fan of these League of Legends podcasts? Or have a few other podcasts you listen to? Feel free to suggest them in the comment section below for other readers!