Blog of Legends Patch 9.2 tier list compilation

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Riven. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Once again, we have aggregated the data from all the most popular tier list and ranking sites from around the internet. Which champions felt the buffs and nerfs most? Find out in our Patch 9.2 tier list.

The ranked season is fully underway, as Patch 9.2 is going to be entering its second week live soon. There have been plenty of buffs and nerfs that champions received in the latest patch, so now it’s time to see how things have shaken out in our Patch 9.2 tier list!

As always, you can look at the underlying data that forms the Patch 9.2 tier list here. Also, if you have suggestions for other resources that we should be looking to use, feel free to discuss them in the comments! But, for now, here’s what all the data and rankings around the internet says about our Patch 9.2 tier list.


S tier: Riven, Sion

A tier: Jax, Urgot, Kled, Vladimir, Yasuo, Jayce, Darius, Camille, Illaoi, Garen, Nasus, Kennen, Yorick, Akali, Quinn, Fiora, Aatrox, Rengar, Poppy, Pantheon, Teemo

B tier: Rumble, Wukong, Renekton, Gangplank, Malphite, Lissandra, Singed, Maokai, Cassiopeia, Mordekaiser, Viktor

C tier: Irelia, Swain, Kayle, Volibear, Cho’Gath, Tryndamere, Dr. Mundo, Shen, Ryze, Karthus, Heimerdinger, Ornn, Gnar, Vayne, Olaf, Malzahar

D tier: Tahm Kench, Sylas, Trundle

Most buffed champion: Sion. Honorable mentions, Yorick, Volibear.

Most nerfed champion: Irelia. Honorable mentions, Aatrox, Olaf.

Rejoice, good citizens, the Holy Trinity of Jax/Urgot/Riven that made up the S tier for the top lane in the past three tier lists has finally been broken up. Riven still remains, yes, but she is now joined by Sion, who has entered the S tier for the first time. Jax and Urgot have now fallen out into the A tier.

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You’ll notice that Sion is the most buffed champion in our Patch 9.2 tier list, despite getting no love from Riot in the previous patch. However, two of the champions who did get buffs – Yorick and Volibear – each rose substantially, with Yorick moving all the way from C tier to A tier. Volibear is now solidly out of the D tier prison he occupied the last few patches, even though he’s only C tier after those buffs.

On the other side, the two top laners who received the most nerfs over the past few patches – Irelia and Aatrox – have both fallen. In fact, those nerfs were so severe that Irelia has dropped to C tier out of high A tier in the last tier list. It seems that those nerfs that Riot meant to push her out of mid lane have also knocked her down out of the top lane as well.

As far as stability in picks, the one that stands out is Vladimir; a lot of folks consider him to be S tier while others don’t place as much stock in him as a top laner. On the other hand, champions like Jayce and Kled have little variance, which is encouraging for anyone picking them in this patch.