League of Legends: Morgana rework breakdown

Kayle and Morgana. League of Legends.
Kayle and Morgana. League of Legends. /

Riot has finally released information on much-hyped champion reworks, Kayle and Morgana, the ultimate sister duo! The new rework includes a few concept changes, newly updated abilities and of course, stunning visual upgrades. Keep reading to learn more about Morgana’s rework!


Fortunately, or unfortunately, Morgana’s abilities have largely remained untouched with this rework. Her infamous Q, “Dark Binding”, will still root you forever when landed, but hopefully, Riot will finally fix the glitchy hitbox and save our souls with this rework. Morgana’s main supportive ability will still be in her E, “Black Shield”, and her W and Passive, “Tormented Soil” and “Soul Siphon”, will also remain exactly the same.

The one slight change in Morgana’s abilities is her ultimate, “Soul Shackles,” where she will gain movement speed when moving towards enemies while activating her ultimate.

Visual Updates

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Riot has done an incredible job updating and improving Morgana’s in-game visuals, while also sticking to her original theme. Morgana’s color palette is still incredibly purple, although lighter purple and pink shades have been added into the mix.

But the biggest and most noteworthy visual change to Morgana is definitely (and thank you Riot for listening) her new legs! Previously, Morgana wore a gown-like dress and it was revealed that her model didn’t even have legs so the new additions are pretty neat.

Morgana’s new outfit is definitely more modern and stylish than her old one, and she looks more like a gothic and chic queen with her shorter and messier hair. Morgana’s abilities have also been visually updated with each spell having a tinge of blue and pink in them and appearing sharper than her previous ones.


Arguably the biggest change to Morgana with this rework is her lore. Morgana was previously labeled the “evil sister” and a “fallen angel” when compared with her sister Kayle but her new lore puts her in a more ambiguous position.

Instead of being pure evil, we learn that it was only due to a difference in ideals between the two sisters that caused Morgana to live on the earth while Kayle flies through the skies freely. Unlike Kayle, Morgana’s sense of justice is not so clear cut, and she believes in reformation while Kayle does not.

Instead of using her angelic powers to battle in wars like Kayle, Morgana prefers to use them to help those who seek forgiveness, hence her main role as a support champion. While Kayle holds herself higher and separate to reformed criminals due to her magic, Morgana believes in their potential and possesses a grounded mindset when it comes to her abilities, preferring to walk with her supporters than fly above them like Kayle does. Hence instead of a simple good versus evil duality, the new Morgana and Kayle lore involve League lovers in a more subjective matter of difference, where we can each align with either Kayle or Morgana’s views.

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And that’s it for Morgana’s rework changes. What do you think about the new Morgana, her visuals and her lore? Let us know in the comment section down below!