League of Legends: LEC 2019 – Mid-Spring jungler rankings

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There’s an old adage that asks “If a tree falls down in the forest but nobody hears it, does it make a sound?” This is a nice metaphor for the junglers of the LEC. If the jungler doesn’t provide any early game pressure, do they even have one?

Now we’re halfway through the LEC Spring Split, I think now is a fair time to take a look at the junglers of my native region and see which ones have been pulling their weight and which ones have been dead-weight bearing down on the backs of their laners. It’d also be wise to consider whether or not there are truly any bad junglers in Europe – a region that fielded half of the top 4 teams of last years world championships. So, let’s break some hearts and get this list started.

Caedrel - Jungler for Excel Esports - League of Legends
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10 – XL Caedrel

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As much as it pains me to place my boy Marc “Caedrel” Robert Lamont in 10th place I have to. Someone has to be last, and since this isn’t NA, nobody gets a participation prize. When judging this I just have to consider the team’s performance in recent weeks, wherein a fair few of these games Caedrel has made a few questionable plays and questionable picks, especially the Urgot jungle pick during the match against Rogue in their Week 6 match. Despite some impressive numbers, Caedrel often finds himself being out-pressured and out-played by junglers I’d have ranked lower than him in the preseason.